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Oneplus TV vs MI TV Ultimate Comparison [Which one Should You Buy]

MI or Oneplus? if you are confused and couldn’t decide which TV should you buy? or which TV would be better for you the MI TV or Oneplus TV? then don’t worry we are here to help you, as in this article we will be comparing Oneplus TV vs MI TV.

Having a great TV with excellent picture and audio quality has become a necessity as there are many great TV shows and movies releasing on OTT platforms these days.

Oneplus TV vs MI TV Comparison All Models

Oneplus TV vs Mi TV 32 inch

Let’s start the comparison of the Mi TV 4A PRO 32 inch and the Oneplus 32Y1 by talking about the boot time of these TVs as it is very important to know which TV boots up fast once you have pressed the turn on button.

Mi TV 4A PRO took 34 seconds to boot up and on the other hand, the Oneplus 32Y1 only took 25 seconds to boot up.

The Remote of both Mi TV 4A PRO 32 inch and the Oneplus 32Y1 are the same they both are small and easy to hold and have some special keys to Netflix and Prime Videos and have a special button for Google Voice Assistance. But the build quality of the MI TV remote feels much premium than the Oneplus remote.

Picture and Audio Comparison

Although both of these TV has almost the same specification and when it comes to picture quality the colours on Oneplus TV definitely looks better than MI TV but images appear overly Sharpe and images appear dull so that’s why the picture quality of MI TV 4a Pro is far better than the Oneplus 32Y1.

Both Oneplus 32Y1 and the Mi TV 4A PRO have 2 speakers of 10 watts each and have almost the same audio quality.

User interface

When it comes to the user interface with MI TV you will get Patchwall and on Oneplus TV you will get Oxygen Play. Both of this UI is almost the same but if I have to choose between them then I will go with Patchwall.

Mi TV 4A PRO and the Oneplus 32Y1 are running on the Android operating system.

Final verdict

Both Mi TV 4A PRO and the Oneplus 32Y1 have the same audio quality. Oneplus TV has thin bezels a better design and boots up fast but the picture quality that you get in the is MI TV 4a pro is fantastic and far better than the Oneplus TV.

So if you want to buy a 32 inch TV and if you are confused between the Oneplus 32Y1 and the Mi TV 32 inch 4A PRO then you should go for the Mi TV 4A Pro as it has better picture quality.

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OnePlus 43Y1 vs MI TV 4A Horizon Edition 43 inch


Oneplus 43Y1 and MI TV 4A Horizon 43 inch have almost the same specification. Both of these TVs have a slim bezel design and is made with plastic.

The Oneplus 43Y1 and MI TV 4A Horizon have a very minimalistic remote with two dedicated buttons. On the Mi TV remote, you will have one extra button to there patch wall interface but on the Oneplus TV remote, you won’t be getting any dedicated button to there Oxygen play UI.

The weight of Oneplus 43Y1 is 5.7 Kgs and Mi TV 4A Horizon is 6 Kgs you should know this is you are want to wall mounting your next TV.

Design wise I have to say that the MI TV 4A Horizon looks better and more stylish than the Oneplus TV.

Picture and Audio Comparison

MI Horizon TV also has a Full HD display and Vivid picture engine which can upscale HD ready content into Full HD due to which you will get to see natural-looking colours.

This TV by Oneplus has a Full HD display and can produce life-like colours as it has a 93% DCI P3 colour gamut the blacks on this TV is deep and if you want then you can go for this Oneplus TV. The picture quality of Oneplus 43Y1 is better than Mi Horizon.

The MI TV Horizon edition has 20 watts speakers and supports DTS sound and the Oneplus 43 inch TV has 20 watts speakers and supports Dolby Audio.

Final Verdict

It would be a very hard decision to choose between the Oneplus 43Y1 and MI TV Horizon but I would go for MI TV Horizon only because it has better picture quality.

Mi Qled vs Oneplus Qled 55 inch TV

According to industry sources, the QLED TV market share out of India’s total TV market share is only 0.5%. But that is about change as MI and Oneplus have lanched there QLED TV which offers brilliant picture quality at a very attractive price.

MI QLED TV is the first budget TV that has 2.1 ports in it. So if you like playing games and want to buy a PS5 in future then you should go with Mi QLED TV.

Display and Audio Comparison

The MI Qled TV and Oneplus QLED TV comes with a 55 inch 4K QLED panel which has a refresh rate of 60Hz and the panel technology used in this TV is VA. VA panels have more superior picture quality and they can produce deep black colour but they don’t have good viewing angles.

It is important to know the peak brightness of a TV but Xiaomi has not disclosed that and The Oneplus QLED TV has a peak brightness of 350 nits. The higher the brightness of a TV the better will be the HDR performance. Speaking of HDR, MI QLED TV and Oneplus Q1 supports all HDR formats such as HDR 10, HDR10+, HLG and Dolby Vision.

Mi TV has DLED backlighting while the Oneplus TV is using ELED backlighting. Oneplus QLED TV has more brightness and during a dark scene it also performance better than the MI QLED TV.

The sound quality of both the TV is excellent they can produce a loud sound which will be sufficient for you. However, speakers on the Oneplus Q1 55 inch TV fails to meet the expectation according to its power output. The performance of Mi TV 30 watts speakers are beyond expectations.

Smart features

Mi TV and Oneplus TV comes with Android OS. The Mi TV runs on the latest Android 10 OS while the Oneplus Q1 TV has an Android 9.0 Operating System. Oneplus TV has 3GB RAM and 16GB storage, Mi TV has 2GB RAM and 32GB storage.

The UI of Mi TV is better than the Oneplus TV. Mi QLED TV has the latest version of Patchwall which makes this TV more appealing.

Final verdict

Mi QLED TV and Oneplus TV has there Pros and Cons. Oneplus TV has a better design and picture quality. MI TV has better Audio Quality and 2.1 HDMI ports. If you want a QLED TV with better picture quality then you should buy Oneplus Q1 TV and if you want a TV where you can play next-generation games go for Mi Q1 TV.



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