OnePlus TV 55 Q1 Vs Q1 Pro [Comparison & Review]

Its been a while since Oneplus has launched there new OnePlus 55 inches Q1 Vs Q1 Pro TVs and a lot you were confused and wondering what is the difference between these two TVs.

So today I am going to tell you what is the difference between these two TVs and also review then which will help you identify which TV would be the best for you in this OnePlus TV 55 Q1 Vs Q1 Pro article.

OnePlus TV 55 Q1 Vs Q1 ProUltimate Comparison!!

The Oneplus Q1 and Q1 pro have the same specifications with only 4 major differences which are the speakers, price, weight and the accessories that come with these TVs.

Oneplus Q1 has 50 watts in build speaker and the Oneplus q1 pro come with a motorized soundbar.

The Oneplus Q1 only comes with a wall mounting and if you need to place your TV on a table then you have to pay extra for the tabletop stand where else the Oneplus Q1 Pro comes with both tabletop stand and wall mount.

Oneplus Q1 is also a little lightweight then Q1 Pro because Q1 doesn’t come with a Soundbar.

The last major difference between Oneplus Q1 and Q1 pro is the price Q1 is more affordable then Q1 pro.

This comparison table will further help you understand the similarity and differences between Oneplus Q1 and Q1 Pro.

FeaturesQ1Q1 Pro
Display55 Inch 4K Ultra HD Display55 Inch 4K Ultra HD Display
Speakers4 Speakers8 Speakers
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Ports4 HDMI and 3 USB ports4 HDMI and 3 USB ports
Weight19.5 Kg22.2 Kg

Oneplus Q1 and Q1 Pro Review

Display Quality

Both Oneplus Q1 and Q1 Pro TVs come with 55 inches 4K QLED display and the bezels on both these TVs are really slim.

These TVs have dedicated picture engine which Oneplus is calling “Gamma Colour Magic chip” which will enhance the quality of the picture by controlling the colour, contrast and saturation of every picture.

Q1 and Q1 Pro come with MEMC support so if you love to watch sports such as Cricket, Football, Hooky or even if you are a gamer then the MEMC feature in this TV will not let the frame rate drop so that you get smooth picture quality.

HDR 10 and Dolby vision is also supported by the Oneplus Q1 and Q1 Pro

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Sound Quality

The speaker on Q1 is of 50 Watts which supports Dolby Sound.

Oneplus Q1 in total has 4 speakers in which 2 are bottom firing and 2 are backfiring.

The speakers on Q1 pro are also of 50 watts and they also support Dolby Audio.

But as mention eariler the main difference between Q1 and Q1 pro is in Q1 pro you get a motorized speaker which pop down when you turn on your TV.

Q1 pro also has a total of 8 speakers compare to 4 in Q1.

Q1 pro comes with 6 front-firing speakers and 2 backfiring speakers.

Sound on Q1 pro would definitely be more clear, louder and more theatre-like compare to Q1.

Smart feature’s

If we talk about the Operating System on these TVs then they out of the box come with android 9.0.

You will also get Google chromecast and Google voice assistance and Alexa.

Remote of these TV looks great when it comes to design but it has fewer buttons and you don’t get some important hotkeys like Amazon prime button or Netflix.

You don’t need any batteries for this remote as it is a rechargeable remote.

Oneplus has also launched an App called as one plus connect app room which you can control your TV.

Design and Build Quality

Q1 and Q1 pro have a bezel-less design with a screen to body ratio of 99.7%.

Not only in the front but the material used in the backside of this TV is also of top quality.

Even the wall mount and table stands use in Oneplus Q1 Pro are of high quality.

Comparison with Other Brands

For us reviewers, it is very hard to compare this TV to any other TVs because of it’s the price.

Usually, on the internet, I have seen many people comparing these TV with Motorola 55 inches flagship TV or even with Mi 65 inches TV.

But those comparisons would be completely wrong as when it comes to design, display and audio Oneplus Q1 and Q1 Pro is way better than any Motorola or Mi TVs.

You can compare Q1 and Q1 Pro with Samsung RU7100 or with Sony KD-55X7002G.

But a main drawback of Samsung and Sony TVs are that they dont run on Android OS.

So I would say if you want an Android-based OS or if you don’t have a home theatre in your home then you can go for Oneplus Q1 pro.

Also, an important thing that you should consider is that Oneplus has promised that you will get an Android update for 3 years with this TV which only some few Television brands

If Android OS is not that important for you and you want a better display then I would recommend you to go for the LG SM8100 as this TV has nano cell technology which is far better than any QLED display and this TV also support amazon Alexa and also comes with LG magic remote which the best remote that comes with any TV.

Final verdict

So by now, I assume you would have clearly understood the difference between Oneplus Q1 and Q1 Pro.

If you have a home theatre or a soundbar in your home then you should no doubt go for Oneplus Q1.

But if don’t have a home theatre or soundbar then instead of separately buying them you can go for Oneplus Q1 Pro.

I hope you find this  OnePlus Q1 Vs Q1 Pro article useful.

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