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Best TV Under 40000 in India With Price (2021)

If you have a budget of Rs.40,000 and if you are looking to buying a new TV then you have come to the right place as we here at Mrtvguru has a created a list of best tv under 40000 which will help you make a better decision while selecting a TV if you have a budget of 40000.

Currently, in India, there is more than 300 TV which is sold for under Rs.40,000, so people can get confused and that’s the reason why we have created this list contains all the best 4K TV, 43 inch TV, Android TV, and 55 inch smart TVs that you can buy under Rs.40,000.

Best TV Under 40000

1) LG 43 inch 4K UHD TV (43UM7290PTF) – ₹ 35,999

When every we think of buying a new TV the top three TV brands names that first comes to our mind is LG, Sony, and Samsung because TVs are not like mobile phones which you have to change after 1 or 2 years, you usually use your TV for up to 5 or 7 years. In that case, you need a durable TV, and there is no TV manufacturer which makes their TVs as durable as LG.

LG is no doubt India’s most trusted TV brand, and that’s because they manufacture TVs that are both more durable and have fantastic picture quality, and this LG 43 inch TV is no different and because of these reasons, this LG 43UM7290PTF is the best smart TV under 40000.

This 4K TV delivers superb picture quality with an excellent contrast ratio which no other TV under this price point can deliver. On this TV you can see some great details in the picture which you would have otherwise missed on other TVs. This TV supports HDR 10, HDR 10+, and HLG for a better TV watching experience but you won’t get the support of Dolby Vision.

The refresh rate of this TV is 50Hz, which is ok as in VU, Toshiba, and other TVs you get a 60hz refresh rate. LG 43UM7290PTF has a wide viewing angle which is excellent as this TV uses an IPS panel. This TV would be perfect for a large room or hall as it has a wide viewing angle. Color on this TV looks natural as this TV has 4K active HDR. The 4K upscaling of this TV does a fabulous job of upscaling regular SD content so that they can also look great.

The speakers of this TV are 20 watts which if you ask me it is a little low, but you can always connect a good soundbar as one of the HDMI port of this TV is HDMI (ARC). LG has also given the support of DTS, Dolby digital plus and DTS Virtual X with this TV.

This TV is running on LG webOS, which is the fastest and elegant looking operating system. RAM of this TV is 1.5GB and storage is 4GB, LG should at least given 16GB of storage but you can always add a pen drive and increase the storage of this TV. This TV supports almost all popular apps and streaming platforms such as Netflix, ZEE5, Prime Videos, Disney+ Hotstar, etc but you don’t get the support of Apple TV Plus.

So overall this is the best smart TV under 40000 it comes with some excellent specifications and fantastic picture quality but the only con I have with this TV other than its sound quality.

  • Excellent picture quality
  • High build quality

  • Good after sales service

  • LG WebOS

  • 20 watts speakers

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2) Vu 43 inch 4K TV with 40W Front Soundbar (43CA) – ₹ 32,990

If you are looking for buying a non-Chinese Android TV with all Google services and all OTT platforms, then this VU 43 inch 4K TV is for you. The wall mount kit, table stand for this TV are included with the box you also get a remote, user guide and warranty card.

This TV looks good from the front you get metal grills on the soundbar which makes it look very premium. Bezels on this TV are slim. The finishing of this TV at the backside looks premium and for connectivity options, you get LAN port, 3 HDMI port, audio-video output, ANTENNA IN, 2 USB ports and 3.5mm audio jack.

The LED panel of this TV is assembled with the help of robotic arms so that you get precisely accurate brightness around the panel. For a better Picture experience, this TV uses VU Pixelium Technology which reduces 40% of light reflection. The brightness of this TV is 500 nits. The picture quality of VU TVs is as good as Sony TVs and as Sony doesn’t have any great 4K TV under 40000 so that’s why we have placed this TV on the second positions. When it comes to budget TVs no brand can compete with VU TVs.

VU Cinema TV has a soundbar attached to it which is very loud. On other TVs, the speakers are usually at the backside of the TV or at the bottom of the TV which does not sound good and causes audio distortion. The multi-dimension 40 watts soundbar of this TV is capable of producing excellent sound quality.

The remote of this TV is also very useful and comes with a lot of dedicated buttons such as NETFLIX, YouTube, Prime Videos, and Google Play Store. The remote also fits nicely into your hands, giving you an excellent grip. Voice recognition on this TV works great, and you can search for anything or provide any kind of command on this TV using Google Voice search.

The VU 43CA TV is no doubt the best 43 inch TV under 40000. VU TVs are always in high demand and it is possible that sometimes they can be unavailable so in that case, if you want you can go with Nokia 50 inch TV as it also has great picture quality.

  • 40 Watts soundbar
  • Amazing picture quality

  • Bluetooth remote

  • Android Operating System

  • 1.5GB RAM

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3) AmazonBasics 55 inch 4K TV – ₹ 39,999

The third TV on this list is AmazonBasics 55 inch 4K TV. This is the best 55 inch TV which is available for under 40000. LG 43UM7290PTF and VU Cinema TV are both great TVs that provide fantastic picture quality but are available in 43 inch sizes, and if you want to buy a 55 inch variant LG 43UM7290PTF and VU Cinema TV, then you have to pay more than 40000.

Amazon has come up with its TV after collaborating with brands like AKAI and ONDIA. The 55-inch AmazonBasics TV has an Amazon Fire TV Operating system, and this is priced very competitively.

I know what you must be thinking Amazon is an E-commerce company. But, how can they manufacture a TV?

This AmazonBasics TV is manufactured by Radiant Appliances, which is a Hyderabad based company.

The remote of this TV is Alexa Voice enable, and you can also control all the smart lights, and other smart devices in your house that are Alexa Voice enable with this TV.

The company has not disclosed the contrast ratio and brightness of this TV but what they have disclosed is its refresh rate which is 60Hz.

AmazonBasic TV has a Direct led backlit Display panel (DLED panel) which means all the LED lights in this are placed directly at the back of this TV, and this is the main reason why the picture quality of this 4K TV is so amazing. The company state’s that this TV supports Dolby Vision and HDR 10, but HDR and Dolby Vision enable content don’t look that good, so keep that in mind before buying it.

1.95GHz Quad-Core Processor in this TV is the reason why this TV runs so smoothly. RAM of this TV is 1.5 GB which should be enough as this TV is running on Fire TV OS, which is not as resource hungry as Android OS. Storage you will get on this TV is 8GB, and the GPU used in this TV is MaliG31 MP2.

Even though this TV is running on Fire TV OS, you will get all the major and popular Apps and OTT platforms on this TV.

  • Fire TV OS
  • 1 year warranty

  • Available at affordable price

  • 20 watts Audio

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4) TOSHIBA 55 inch TV (55U5050) – ₹ 39,999

This newly launched TOSHIBA 55U5050 is one of the best TVs under 40000 in India, and that’s because this TV comes with some high-end specifications and that too at a very affordable price. The TV by this Japanese brand is made in India.

Toshibas ultimate series TV is available in three sizes 43, 50 and 55 inches and has almost the same specifications and same picture quality. Still, in 43-inch variant, you get 24 watts speakers instead of 30 watts which you get in 50 or 55-inch variant’s.

Design and build quality of Toshiba TVs are excellent and to make this TV more durable, the brand has used metal and high-grade plastic. Bezels of this TV are little glossy which overall adds to the design of this TV. This TV is bezel-less from 3 sides which gives this TV an elegant look.

You will get built-in Wifi and Bluetooth on this TV, and you will also get a V-shaped tabletop stand, remote with batteries, screws and wall mount kit. The table stand of this TV is made with metal which is a good thing. This TV has an optical digital port, antenna port, AV port, 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, Ethernet port, composite input port.

The build quality of the remote is terrific. It is long in design which makes it easier to hold. You will also get four hotkeys to Netflix, Prime Videos and Youtube. For voice control, the remote of this TV has a built-in microphone.

Coming to the picture quality of this TV, it has a VA panel and has a static contrast ratio of 5000:1. This TV also has CEVO 4K HDR, HDR 10, and Dolby Vision support. The features that make the picture quality of this TV Amazing and better than any 4K smart TV under 40000 are the Ultra Color Enhancer, UHD AI Upscaler, Depth enhancer, Ultra dimming technology, and Noise reduction.

Ultra Dimming technology on this TV, divides the pictures into many zones and then analysis them separately to adjust the contrast ratio of the TV, which gives deeper black and brighter white colour. The CEVO 4K UHD picture engine is Toshibas proprietary picture engine which produces excellent picture quality. The active motion resolution also knows as (AMR) reduce motion blur, which happens while watching sports and fast action scene.

Colour reproduction of this TV is good, and the brightness of this TV is also excellent. Colours on this TV appears natural-looking and accurate. Pictures appear detailed, bright and punchy. You can see every single little detail while watching dark scenes which you mostly get in Horror movies.

4K videos on this TV looks beautiful with a significant level of brightness, details and sharpness. The performance of this TV that you get while watching HDR content great compare, to any other TV on this list. The refresh rate of this TV is 60Hz. Picture upscaling capability of this TV is excellent.

You will get two speakers on this 50-inch Toshiba TV which has a total output of 30 watts, and the audio output of this TV is enough for a large room. The Bass of this TV is also excellent, dialogues are also easily understandable.

This is a Smart TV and it’s running on VIDAA OS and has a RAM of 1.5GB and storage of 4GB. The CPU of this TV is a multi-core processor and has Mali470MP GPU. VIDDA OS is faster than the Android operating system and the boot timing of this TV is also very fast compared to a TV running on Android OS that’s because VIDDA OS is a LINUX based operating system. There are also some limitations to VIDDA OS such as it doesn’t have many apps you can also not sideload apps on this TV.

This TV would be suitable for those people who want a 55 inch TV and have a budget of 40000. Toshiba 55 inch TV also has fabulous picture quality and 55 inch display but still I have placed it below AmazonBasics 55 inch TV because the after sales service of AmazonBasics TVs is better than Toshiba TVs.

  • Amazing Features

  • Fast and responsive operating system

  • Ultra Dimming technology

  • Currently this TV has limited Apps that you can install.

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5) Nokia 50 inch TV with Sound by Onkyo – ₹37,999

This TV is part of Nokia’s new range of smart TVs which has a better picture, and audio quality compares to its last version. If you want to buy a 50 inch smart TV under 40000, then this is the TV you should go for.

Table mount stand of this TV is made with metal which makes them more durable compare to those TV stands which are made of plastic. Wall mount kit of this TV is also available with the box. You also get to see some documentation, remote with batteries, multicolour cable.

The backside of this TV is built with plastic also this TV is very light weighted. So I would recommend you to wall mount this TV. Ports are also placed at the backside of this TV and are also very easy to reach even when the TV is wall mounted. With this TV you will get diamond-cut bezel are also minimal.

The picture quality of this 4K TV is one of the best that you can get under this price point. Display of this Nokia TV is a feature pack display as it has Microbrite, HDR 10, micro dimming technology which adjust the contrast level.

Watching 4K and 1080p videos on this TV is a fantastic experience. You will also get 3D noise reduction technology which will reduce the noise and distortion on the scene which you generally get to see during night scenes.

The audio quality that you will get with this TV will is premium as you get a soundbar with this TV which is made by Onkyo a Japanese brand that has more than 70 years of experience in creating exceptional speakers. The soundbar of this TV can deliver a 6D audio sound experience. Speakers of this TV have a combined power output of 48 watts also to make this TV look more elegant the soundbar has a fabric cover at the top of it.

Speakers of this TV provide rich bass with better sound clarity; the sound clarity of this TV is more than other TV and also has loud bass. To deliver you a better sound quality this TV uses a placement algorithm so you have wall-mounted this TV then choose the wall mount option or if you have placed this TV over a table then choose a desktop option for a better sound experience.

You will get stock android 9.0 on this TV the interface of this TV is fast, smooth and easy to use. Chromecast on this TV works like a charm. For better connectivity, you get Bluetooth version 5.0 and single band wifi. For better performance, this TV uses Quad-core CPU and Mali GPU and has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.

  • Amazing picture quality
  • Thin bezel design

  • Onkyo soundbar

  • HDR10 support

  • Single band WiFi

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6) Motorola Revou 55 inch Smart Android TV (55SAUHDMG) – ₹30,999

This year Motorola has launched several TVs in the Indian market. Still, out of all of those TV, this Motorola Revou 43 inch has to be the most high-end TV which offers impressive specifications at very affordable prices also this is the best LED Smart TV under 40K.

When you are looking for a new smart TV there is five most crucial factor that you will consider before buying any new TV issue picture quality, sound quality, performance, design and price and this new Motorola TV do good in all of this five things.

Design of this TV is very stylish, especially the unique and cool looking metal stand. Thin bezels of this TV and the soundbar adds to the look of this TV. All the essential ports like HDMI ports, USB slot and other ports are there on this TV and for connectivity options, there is a 2.4 gigahertz and a five gigahertz wifi support along with Bluetooth 5.0.

The display that you will get with this TV is quite a feature pack display which is a 55 inches 4K UHD display which uses LED technology to deliver excellent picture quality. The panel used in this TV is a 10 bit ADS the max brightness of this TV is 350 nits with a static contrast ratio of 3000:1, and the TV supports a wide viewing angle of 178°.

Motorola Revou 43 has a colour gamut score of 91% and supports smart dimming which handles the contrast dynamics and makes sure that the dark scene in movies are viewable and appear dark and grey.

Display of this TV has all the new tech feature that you can think of such as the support of Dolby Vision and HDR 10. While using Dolby Vision, you can choose between bright, dark and vivid so you can select the best setting depending upon the type of content you are watching. AutoTuneX+ is also another cool things on this TV which automatically adjust the brightness levels, contrast and hue levels depending upon what’s been playing on the screen.

The sound output of the 43 inch variant of this TV is 24 watts but still speaker of this TV is very loud, and the speaker sounds fabulous which you generally not get in any other TVs. The sound quality of this TV of by far the best compare to other TV on this list.

This is the first TV which comes with Android TV 10 Operating system. The UI of this TV feels smoother and responsive. Motorola has also promised timely updates to this TV which is excellent. The powerful chipset which is responsible for such an outstanding performance on this TV is Mediatek MT5660 and Mali-G52 MCI GPU.

RAM of this TV is 2GB, and the storage is 32GB. You also get response time compensation (RTC) engine which you generally find in gaming monitors. The job of the RTC engine is to reduce the motion blur, which happens while gaming.

  • Great display
  • 50 watts Soundbar

  • 32GB of storage and 2GB of RAM

  • Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos


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    7) TCL 55 inches AI 4K TV (55P8) – ₹ 34,999

    This TV by TCL comes with some extraordinary features and will surely make you speechless. This TCL 55P8 TV is worth every penny. TCL is the fastest-growing TV brand and ranked 2 in the global TV market.

    Design-wise this TV look premium with almost no bezels the body of this TV is also made with high-quality plastic. You will get 3 HDMI port, 2 USB port and all other major connectivity ports that you would expect in any TV. You will get 18 months of warranty on this TV by TCL.

    The picture quality of this TV is truly excellent as it has a 4K display with the refresh rate of 60hz and viewing angle of 178°. The picture quality of this TV is simply amazing, which produces brilliant colours. The brightness level of this TV is also very high.

    The panel used in this TV is an A+ grade IPS panel which supports HLG, HDR and micro dimming technology. 4K Content on this TV looks fantastic and not only 4K, but even HD and SD content on this TV also looks excellent.

    Speakers on this TV is of 20 watts and supports AI Sound Engine and Dolby Audio, but just like any other TV, I would suggest you buy a good soundbar if you want a better sound experience.

    This TV by TCL is running on an Android operating system which is pretty simple and easy to use you won’t be getting any lag. You can download and sideload apps very easily on this TV which you don’t get to do on TVs running on a different operating system.

    All major OTT platform are supported on this TV, now were this TV shine better then the Toshiba or LG TV is it has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage which should be enough for any everyday uses. Play console games on this TV is an excellent experience as it has HDR.

    • Superb picture quality
    • Android TV

    • Supports HDR

    • 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage

    • Only 20 watts speaker

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    8) OnePlus Y Series 43 inch Android TV (43Y1) – ₹ 26,999

    The actual price at which this TV was supposed to be released was Rs.29,999, but you can buy this TV under Rs.27,000, which is fantastic. It is incredible to think that you get Android running smart TV with 43 inches full HD display, Google Voice assistance and Dolby audio at just Rs.26,999.

    Oneplus Y series TVs is a made in India product. The power consumption rate of this TV is 74 watts. Tabletop stand, remote, batteries and screws are included with the box, but you don’t get a wall mount kit, and you have to buy it separately if you want to wall mount this TV.

    Remote that you get with this TV is in black and is made with plastic also the size of this remote is small which makes it easy to use buttons that you get on the remote is made with rubber you also get some dedicated buttons to Netflix, Youtube, Prime Videos and Google Assistance. The tabletop stand of this TV is made with plastic.

    Build quality of this TV is excellent even though this TV is made with plastic the TV doesn’t feel cheap at all. Ports on this TV are at the left side of the TV, and they include antenna port, two USB ports, two HDMI ports, optical audio-video output, composite ports and one Ethernet jack.
    The main reason why this TV looks so premium is that it has almost no bezels design from three sides which makes this TV seems slim.

    Screen to body ratio of this TV is 88% which great experience while watching content on this TV. This LED TV has a contrast ratio of 4000:1 and has a refresh rate of 60hz. Objects of this TV appears very sharp, and the colour seems vivid as this TV has 93% DCI P3 feature and 20% wider colour gamut.

    Speakers that you get in this TV are two bottom-firing speakers who have the total power output of 20 watts. They also support Dolby Audio for giving you better audio performance. However, the bass of this TV is low. If you want to have a more theatre-like sound experience, then you have to purchase a good soundbar with this TV.

    The interface of this TV is just like any other Android TV interface. Voice assistance of this TV works fine. Other then Android OS this Oneplus TV also comes with Oxygen Play in which you can watch movies and tv shows from all content provider at the same place.

    For better and smooth performance this TV has 64bit processors, 1GB of RAM, G51MP3 GPU but this TV has only 4GB of available storage on it. Chromecast on this TV works fine, but you can experience some lag while screen mirroring.

    So overall, the build quality, picture quality, smooth UI, Stylish design makes this TV a value for money product. Still, it also has some flaws like only 4GB of available storage and decent speaker’s.

    • Great picture Quality
    • Slim design

    • Interactive User interface

    • Bass of these speakers is low

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    9) Mi TV 4X 55 Inch LED TV – ₹ 40,999

    The Mi TV 4X series is Indias most sell smart TV series lineup but now with increasing competition and with new brands entering the market such as Toshiba, Nokia, Motorola and Realme MI TV are not the best TV that you can get when it comes to picture quality. However, they still offer great features at affordable prices.

    Under Rs.40,000 in India, you can get MI TV 4X 55 inch, 43 inches and 50 inch TV depending upon your choice. This TV is not made with metal, but still, it is very durable, but the tabletop stand of this TV is made with metal.

    LG makes the panel of this TV, so you know that the picture quality of this TV is going to be excellent also the viewing angle of this TV 178°. The Vivid picture engine of this TV will enhance the colour, brightness and contrast of the picture, which will improve your TV watching experience. MI TV 4X has 20 watts speakers which support Dolby Audio, DTS HD for a powerful audio performance.

    This TV is powered by Android Operating System and supports Netflix and Amazon Prime videos out of the box. Chromecast is also built-in with this TV. The remote of this TV is very minimalistic and it very easy to hold. Ram of this TV is 2GB which is good, but the ROM of this TV is only 8GB.

    • 4K display
    • 2GB of RAM

    • Android 9.0

    • Supports Netflix and Prime Videos

    • Only 8GB of storage

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    10) Sanyo 55 inch Kaizen Series 4K TV – ₹ 30,999

    The Sanyo Kaizen series 2020 are available in 4 sizes 43 inches, 50 inches, 55 inches and the massive 65-inch variant. All of the TVs in this series are A 4K TVs, but under the budget 40000, you should go for the 55-inch size as it has a big screen and comes with multiple exciting features.

    The built quality of this TV is excellent with an almost bezel-less display which will give you an immersive viewing experience. No matter if you have wall-mounted this TV or placed it at the top of the stand, ports on this TV are easily reachable. Ports on this TV includes 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, antenna IN, AV in, LAN ports and digital audio-video output.

    Panel technology used in this TV is an IPS panel which has a wide viewing angle, and this makes this TV suitable for placing it in a large room. This 4K TV HDR10 and HLG but the 2020 version of this TV doesn’t support Dolby Vision, and that’s the reason why I have placed this TV at a lower position.

    Viewing 4K content is quite a delight as the contrast ratio of this TV is low, and the brightness is very high. The only con with the display of this TV is the upscaling capacity of this TV is bad, so non HD content on this TV looks bad. Now, this could be a significant issue for you if you have an SD set-top box.

    The audio quality of this TV is 20 watts standard speaker like what you get in most of the TV they are bottom-firing speakers and supports Dolby Audio. The audio quality of this TV is decent, but it’s not that loud.

    Sanyo Kaizen 55 inch TV is a certified Android TV which has 16GB of storage and 2GB of RAM. Chromecast on this TV works like a cham even the UI of this TV is fast and interactive you won’t find any lag on this TV.

    • Fantastic picture quality
    • Fast and responsive UI

    • 16GB of storage and 2GB of RAM

    • Audio quality of this TV is decent.

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    11) Kodak 43 Inch 4K TV (43UHDX7XPRO) – ₹ 23,999

    This TV by Kodak is one of the most affordable 4K TV that you can buy under Rs.40,000. Design-wise this TV looks very sleek and stylish bezels of this TV is smaller then the Mi TV 4X TV, even the weight of this TV is very less around 15-16 kgs.

    Not only the design but the screen quality of this TV is an excellent brightness of this TV is 500 nits which is fantastic compared to the price it is coming. For smooth picture performance, the refresh rate of this TV is 60Hz. The sound output of this TV is 24 watts.

    Remote of this TV has an inbuilt microphone fit inside it, and it supports Google Voice Assistant who works fine and can recognize almost everything you say correctly. As this TV is running on Android OS, you get play store installed on this TV so that you can download multiple apps and games on this TV for your enjoyment.

    For better connectivity, this TV has Bluetooth, 5.0 and Wifi. Storge of this TV is 8GB out of which you only get 4.2GB available. All major streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, ZEE5 etc. are supported on this TV.

    It is really hard to believe that you can get a 4K TV under 25,000.

    • Affordable pricing
    • 4K TV with great picture quality

    • Supports Chromecast

    • Only 24 watts speakers

    Click here to View on Amazon

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You have read this full post but still, you may be having some questions or doubts, and now here I am going to answer some of the most popular and most asked questions about buying a TV under Rs.40,000.

    1) What is the best 43 TV on the market?

    Currently, on the market, the best 43 inches smart TV is Samsung 43 inch TU8570 it has a stylish design and a unique U shape table stand which you don’t get to see in any other TV. When it comes to picture quality this TV has a VA panel and uses Edge LED technology which delivers stunning picture quality.

    2) Which is the best and cheapest smart TV under 40000?

    The best smart TV under 40,000 is TOSHIBA 55 inch (55U5050) TV it has a big 55-inch display which supports Dolby Vision and HDR also the design-wise bezels of this TV is slim which gives this TV an elegant look. The cheapest smart TV under 40000 would be Kodak 43 Inch 4K TV which is available just under the price point Rs.22,499.

    3) Which is the best LG tv under 40000

    LG 43 inch 4K UHD TV (43UM7290PTF) is the best LG TV that you can buy under 40,000. Between the premium brands Sony, LG and Samsung. LG is the only brand which has a 4K TV under 40000.

    4) Which is the best Sony tv under 40000

    Sony Bravia 43W6600 is the best TV by Sony that you can buy under 40000 but the reason why I have not included this TV on this list is that this TV is a Full HD Smart TV which is priced at 37,999. Instead of buying this, I would recommend you to buy TOSHIBA 55 inch (55U5050) TV as you will get a 4K TV which is more future proof.

    5) What is the best budget TV brand in India?

    The best budget TV brands in India would be VU, Toshiba, TCL, Mi, Nokia and Motorola.

    6) What TV brands are not made in China?

    Under Rs.40,000 you can get quite a few Non-Chinese brands which such as LG, VU, Nokia, Sony, Samsung, Motorola and Onida.

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