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Best LED TV Under 25000 (2021)

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Best TV under 25000

Back in the days, it was hard to find a good TV under the budget of Rs.25,000, but now due to high competition and entry of many budget brands in the TV market, you can get a good value for money TV.

In 2021 most brands offer TVs Full HD TVs under the price of 25,000 but, there are still some brands like iFFALCON and Marq which offer a 4K TV.

We have analyzed all the TVs and came up with this list of the best TV under 25000 in India only for you!!!. So that you buy a TV which will give you the best watching experience. All the TVs in this list are ranked based on their picture quality, sound quality and after-sales service offered by the brand.

Best TV under 25000

1) MarQ 43 inch 4K TVBest TV under 25000

The MarQ is a sub-brand of Flipkart and this TV is specially designed for Indian consumers and that’s the reason why this TV is available at such an affordable price which makes this TV the best 4K TV under 25000.

Let’s talk about the things that you will get with this TV is remote, AV cable, user manual, wall mount kit, metal ribbon stand which looks stylish and two batteries for the remote.

Remote of this TV is Bluetooth enabled and has short cut keys to Netflix and YouTube and Google Voice Assistant. The remote is easy to hold in hands and feels premium.

The key specifications of this TV are the Mali 470 GPU, 1.5 GB of RAM, MediaTek Cortex A 53 Quad Core processor and 4K display and support of both Bluetooth 5.0 and Dual band WiFi.

A mixture of metal and plastic is used to build this TV which makes it very durable and gives a slight premium look to this TV. The stand of this TV is very unique in design and comes in silver colour.

This TV has LAN port, optical audio video output, AV in, antenna jack,4 HDMI, 3 USB ports and 3.5mm audio jack. So you get all the important ports for connectivity.

The panel used in this TV is a 4K IPS panel which supports HDR 10 the viewing angle of this TV is 178°. So if you want to place your new TV in a big room then you should go for this TV as it has a wider viewing angle.

The main reason why this TV is placed on the first posting is its brightness level. The brightness level of this TV is 300 nits which are more than the iFFALCON K31.

If you like to binge watch shows then this TV would be great for you as it not only has a 4K display which produces amazing colours but this TV is also safe for your eyes.

The sound output of this TV is brilliant audio of this TV are very loud with dialogues that can be easily audible but the bass of this TV average.

The processor and GPU of this TV will give you smooth and power full performance. Also, the storage of this TV will be sufficient for you if you want to download some apps for fun and entertainment.

Netflix and Prime Videos are some of the important preloaded apps that come with this TV. Also, you can watch content on Netflix and Prime Videos with HDR enabled.

  • 4K IPS display

  • Wide viewing angle

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • Dual band WiFi

  • 300 nits brightness

  • 1 Year warranty

  • I couldn’t find any major con on this TV.

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2) iFFALCON K31 43 inch 4K TV

This TV has a 43 inch size 4K display and is running on the Android Operating system. iFFALCON is a sub-brand of TCL and rank number 2 globally when it comes to product ship volume.

iFFALCON K31 TV has a 4K panel, which can show more detail and clear picture quality. The standard refresh rate of 60Hz. This TV is using A+ display panel which uses direct LED technology.

Micro dimming technology which you generally get to see in TVs which are above Rs.30,000. Micro dimming technology on this TV will help to produce perfect black. The brightness level of this TV is 270 nits which is ok when you consider the price of this TV. The static contrast ratio of this TV is 4500:1 which is excellent. Colours on this TV will look amazing.

This TV also supports HDR and has AI picture engine.AI picture enhance, clear and adjust the picture quality so that you get good picture quality. The sound output of this TV is 20 watts which produce decent sound.

This TV is running on Android 9.0 Operating System and this supports all apps such as Youtube, Netflix, SonyLIV and Prime Videos. RAM of this TV is 2GB and storage is 16GB so you can say that this TV is a complete package and if you want a 4K TV then you can go for this TV. iFFALCON K31 is one of the best smart tv under 25000.

  • 4K TV

  • Micro Dimming Technology

  • Android 9.0

  • AI picture engine

  • Only 20 watts speaker

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3) Nokia 43 inch Full HD TV with Sound by OnkyoBest Full HD TV under 25000

The Nokia 43 inch TV has launched recently. The speakers of this TV has a total output of 39 watts and are powered by Onkyo which is a Japanese brand. This Nokia 43 inch LED TV is the best led tv under 25000 and the picture quality that you get on this TV is truly remarkable.

This TV is built with the combination of high quality plastic and metal but still, this TV is very light weighted even the tabletop stand of this TV is made with metal which holds the TV steady.

All the ports are at the backside of this TV which includes LAN port, 3 HDMI ports, AV input, 2 USB ports and 3.5 mm jack. Remote of this TV is very minimalistic.

This Nokia 43 inch TV is beautifully designed and looks beautiful the bezels on this TV are slim the bottom bezel which has Onkyo speaker which make this TV look beautiful.

This TV has a 43 inch Full HD display and the panel used in this TV is a VA panel and that’s why this TV can produce amazing colours and deep black. As this TV has a VA panel the static contrast ratio of this TV is 3000:1 which is good.

You also get the micro dimming feature on this TV which gives you brighter white colour and dark black colours. The maximum brightness of this TV is 325 nits which is the brightest display that you can get under Rs.25,000.

Overall the quality of the display of this TV is excellent but however as this is a VA panel you can get certain colour distortion if you view this TV from an angle.

This TV can deliver amazing audio quality all thanks to its 24 watts speakers and 15 watts tweeter speakers so the total sound output of this TV is 39 watts. Dolby Audio is also supported on this TV and due to which you will get 150% more sound quality and the harmonic distortion of this TV is less than 3 per cent.

The OS of this TV is Android and there are many preloaded apps that you get on this TV. All streaming platforms work smoothly on this TV.

  • Great picture quality

  • 39 watts speakers

  • 1.5GB RAM and 8GB storage

  • Android TV

  • Decent viewing angle

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4) Vu 43 inches UltraAndroid LED TV (43GA)

Vu TVs are known for there picture quality and this TV is no different this 43 inches UltraAndroid TV by VU can give you the same picture quality that you usually get premium Sony TVs.

So if this TV has such good picture quality then why i have placed it below the Nokia TV you must be wondering? 

The only reason why I have placed this TV below Nokia TV is that the stocks of VU TVs are always limited because there TVs are in high demand and chance are they might not be available at the time when you are planning to buy a TV.

You will get two V to shape glossy tabletop stand with this TV which is made of plastic and at bottom of those tables stand there are rubber attached which gives them a better grip. Wall mounting kit, warranty card, user manual, batteries for remote and remote which has five dedicated keys to Google play store, Prime Videos, Netflix, Hotstar and YouTube.

Ports on this TV includes 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, AV in, antenna jack, 3.5 mm audio jack and Ethernet jack.

This TV has a full HD display and you can play 1080p videos on this TV refresh rate of this TV is 60Hz. Watching videos on this TV will be very pleasurable experience movies and TV shows look amazing on this Full HD display. Colours on this TV looks natural which is great.

Moving forward to the sound quality of this TV has 2 speakers which are of 12 watts each and they support Dolby Audio and DTS Studio Sound. This TV can produce amazing sound but I would recommend getting a soundbar for a more amazing experience.

This TV has a very fast and interactive UI and you won’t find any lag on it which is a good thing.

  • Full HD display

  • Brilliant picture quality

  • 60Hz refresh rate

  • Android 9.0 OS

  • Audio quality of this TV is decent

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5) Motorola ZX 43 inch TV with Wireless Gamepad

Motorola ZX 43 inch TV is slim in design and looks premium, with this TV you will get a gamepad so that you can not only watch movies and shows on this TV but also play some game on it.

This TV is very durable and is built with high-quality materials, bezels on the side of this TV are the slim and thin backside of this TV has all the ports.

Display on this TV is a super bright full HD display which has great picture quality. The panel used on this TV is an IPS panel so the colour reproduction capability of this TV is good also this TV has a 178° wide viewing angle which makes this TV best for a large room.

Motorola ZX supports Dolby Audio and has 20 watts speakers output. Even though this TV has only 20 watts speaker the sound quality of those speakers are very loud.

This TV comes with a Quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM and 8GB of Storage, GPU chip used on this TV is MALI 470 MP3 GPU. 1GB of RAM is a little less but still performance wise this TV is amazing and games like Beach Buggy Racing & Asphalt 8 run smoothly on this TV.

43 inch Motorola ZX TV comes with certified Android OS and this TV supports Google Voice Assistant and Chrome cast which is good. This TV comes with a 1-year warranty.

  • Amazing picture quality

  • IPS panel

  • 178° viewing angle

  • Wireless gamepad

  • Android OS

  • Only 1GB of RAM

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6) OnePlus Y Series 43 inch TV (43Y1)

Oneplus has launched two new TVs in there Y series the first is 43 inch Y1 and 32 inch Y1 TVs both are available under Rs.25,000 and have almost exact specifications. You can get the 32 inch TV in 12,999 and this 43 inch Y series TV for 24,999.

Design of this TV is completely bezel-less which is a good thing it is hard to get a TV with such small bezels at this price point. The design of this TV looks elegant. The Oneplus 43 inch Y series TV slim and light weighted.

The remote of this TV is pretty basic in design and looks similar to the Nokia TV but on the remote of this TV, you get three hotkeys Netflix, Youtube and Prime Videos. The remote of this also has a Google Voice Assistant on it.

Other then the remote you also get two batteries, some paperwork and tabletop stand which are made of plastic but you won’t be getting any wall mount kit with this TV and you have to buy it separately if you want to wall-mount it. Ports that you get on this TV includes 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB port, Ethernet jack, AV in.

The Full HD panel that you get with this TV is excellent. Colour reproduction of this TV amazing black and white colours on this TV appear deep and bright which is a good thing. you can notice some motion blur some time while watching sports. Contrast ratio of this TV is 4000:1 which is high when you compare it to the Nokia TV, refresh rate of this TV is 60Hz.

This TV has 20 watts bottom-firing speaker’s that supports Dolby Audio. Speakers of this TV can produce loud sounds but still, I have to say that the sound quality of this TV is pretty average.

Oneplus products are known for there power full performance and smooth UI and this continues with this TV. If you have an Android phone then you can download the Oneplus connect app on your phone which will make your TV using experience better.

From the Oneplus connect app you can take screenshots of your TV directly from your phone. You can play a movie, watch TV shows or even play Youtube Videos directly from the OnePlus Connect app.

  • Fabulous picture quality

  • Slim and sleek design

  • Oneplus Connect app

  • 20 watts speakers

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7) Realme 43 inch Android TV  

This is the first TV that Realme has launched in India, and by considering the picture quality and the design of this TV we have to give Realme some credit for making such a great and value for money TV at such affordable pricing.

Design wise this TV has slim bezels which make this TV look stylish and premium. Accessories that come with this TV includes table stand, warranty, user manual, remote which has a matte finish on it. The V shaped table stand is very solid and can hold this TV very easily.

The picture quality of this TV is simply fantastic and that’s because Realme TVs comes with chroma boost picture engine which makes colours appear more paunchy. This TV uses Media Tek processor which analysis the content that you are watching and increase the quality of that content giving you more clearer and detailed images.

The brightness of this TV is very high which is a good thing but the viewing angles of this TV is not wide and for that reason, you should only buy this TV if you want to a TV for your bedroom or for a small room.

This TV has 24 watts speakers which are very loud but you can notice some distortion in noise when you increase the volume level of this TV. You also get the support of Dolby Audio.

This TV by Realme is a smart TV and runs on Android 9.0 so you get some exciting Android features that you get in any other Android TV like Google voice assistant, chrome cast and some preloaded apps.

  • Slim design

  • Good picture quality

  • Smart TV

  • Stylish remote

  • This TV has narrow viewing angle

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8) Mi TV 4A PRO 43 Inch LED TV

Mi TV 43 inch 4A pro is one of the best selling and best TV under 25000 TV in India for the last 2 years and this smart led TV available in 3 sizes 32 inches, 40 inches, and 43 inches. Accessories of all these TV ar same and includes quick installation guide, Bluetooth remote with three hotkeys to Netflix, Prime Videos and Google voice assistant, you also get audio video cable, V shaped table stand.

The look wise this TV looks great. The body of this TV is made with plastic and the bezels on this TV is thin.

Watching content on this Full HD LED TV is a great experience. The picture quality of this TV good because of the use of vivid picture engine and viewing angles are also very wide. speakers of this TV are of 24 watts and supports DTS-HD sound but there is no support of Dolby Audio.

This TV has a single band WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0. The processor used in this TV is 64-bit A53 Quad-core processor with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage.

Mi TV 4A Pro is using Android OS but Mi has also put there own Patchwall UI which will be good for you if you are bored of seeing the same android interface.

  • Great design

  • Full LED display

  • Quad-core processor

  • Decent sound quality

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9) Infinix X1 43 inch TV with Eye Care Technology 

This is the first time Infinix has entered the smart TV market with the launched of TVs in two different sizes and the main selling point of these TVs are that they are launched with a very aggressive price.

Bezels on this TV are slim and this TV is built with high quality plastic also this TV is very lightweight and can be easily lifted by one person.

Remote of this TV is a full-featured remote which has all the buttons that you can need also the remote of this TV is Bluetooth enabled. Although this TV is priced under Rs.20,000 still you get all the ports that you get on other TV.

What makes this TV special other than it’s affordable pricing is that the panel used in this TV is TUV Rheinland certified so what does it mean?

This technology will reduce the strain that occurs to your eyes when you are continuously watching TV.

The picture quality of this is fabulous colours looks beautiful on this TV. Infinix uses there own picture engine which enhances the picture and produces natural-looking colours. The full HD panel of this TV supports HDR 10 and has a peak brightness of 400 nits which is great. This TV uses 24 watts down-firing speakers which makes a decent and loud sound.

Infinix X1 is running on Android OS and has 1GB RAM and 8GB storage. Infinix X1 is the cheapest and most affordable 43 inch TV on this list. You can get this TV at 2 to 3 thousand rupees cheaper than the MI, Realme or Oneplus TV.

  • Affordable TV

  • Android OS

  • TUV rheinland certified

  • 24 watts speakers

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10) AKAI 43 Inch Fire TV Edition Smart LED TV

Akai is a Japanese brand. and this 43 inch TV by AKAI is different then all other TV in this list and that’s because this TV is running on Fire TV OS which is a good thing and you can go for this TV if you are bored using the Android OS.

The remote of this TV small and looks great at the top of that remote you will get Alexa voice assistance button. You will also get 3 short cut keys on the remote to Netflix, Prime Videos and Amazon music.

AKAI TV is running on Fire TV operating system but still, you will be getting chrome cast with it which is a good thing.

The picture quality of this TV will be amazing and similar to the Realme TV. The resolution that you will get in this TV is Full HD and refresh rate of 60Hz. The display used in this TV is an A+ grade panel and is using DLED backlighting but the bezels of this TV are little ticker.

AKAI TV comes with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage.

  • Amazon fire TV OS

  • Full HD display

  • Supports Chrome cast

  • 20 watts speakers

  • You can’t side load apps on this TV

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