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Best Soundbar in India (2021) -Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A TV can give you a theatre like viewing experience with excellent picture quality. Still, when it comes to sound quality, let’s be honest, they are always average. Only a few TV that can give an immersive sound experience, even sound quality on premium TVs, are not that great. That’s why an external speaker like a soundbar becomes necessary. So that’s the reason I have created the list of Best Soundbar in India.

Most of the android smart TVs that are available in the market comes with 20 or 30 watts standard speakers, which cannot deliver a great sound experience, and that’s why this list contains all the best premium and budget friendly soundbar which are currently available in the market and gives you fantastic TV watching and gaming experience.

Best Soundbar in India

1) Sony HT-RT3 Real 5.1 inch Soundbar

Sony HT-RT3 is a 5.1 soundbar system that produces a surround sound experience and supports Dolby digital. This soundbar has a whooping sound output of 600 watts and consumes only 85 watts of power.

This soundbar comes with various connectivity options such as an HDMI ARC port for connecting this soundbar to your 4K TV, an optical audio output port, AUX port, USB port to connect your pen drive. You can also connect this soundbar to your phone via Bluetooth and NFC.

Sony HT-RT3 soundbar system comes with one soundbar, one subwoofer, and two small rear speakers built with high quality wood on the backside of two speakers. There is a hole for wall mounting.

The soundbar of this Sony HT-RT3 is divided into three parts and has three speakers with a 9 feet long cable wire and a three channel pin attached to the subwoofer.

You will get buttons such as the power on/off button, Bluetooth pairing button, input button, and volume up and down button for controlling the soundbar home theatre system at the top of the subwoofer. The subwoofer’s weight is 10 kgs, and at the back of the subwoofer, you will get five channels to pin cables along with color markings, HDMI ARC port, optical audio port, and AUX port.

The remote that you get with this soundbar is slim and stylish. You will also get batteries with this remote, so you don’t have to buy them separately. The remote comes with all the essential buttons you need to operate this soundbar system like the power button, input button, volume up and down, play, pause, and forward button.

The sound quality of this soundbar system makes authentic surround sound with absolutely insane sound quality. The bass of this speaker is fantastic, making it the best soundbar system. You cannot compare these speakers’ sound quality to any other devices as they provide far better sound quality than any other devices.

  • High build quality
  • Excellent sound quality

  • The bass of this soundbar system is amazing

  • Gives you surround sound experience

  • The price of this speaker is high

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2) BoAt Aavante Soundbar

If you want to take your TV audio experience to another level, then this BoAt Aavante Soundbar will be very helpful to you. The speciality of this soundbar is that it comes with a subwoofer and lots of connectivity options.

BoAt Aavante Soundbar comes with an audio cable along with user manual, remote, warranty card and screw are for wall mounting. Coming to the connectivity options, you will get an AUX port, USB port, Optical audio port, HDMI ARC options with built-in Bluetooth.

This soundbar is easy to operate and can be controlled by the remote, but if due to some reason the batteries of the remote is dead or is the remote went missing you can operate this soundbar by the buttons that you get on the right hand side of the soundbar.

The build quality and design of this soundbar are charming; it is available in black colour with glossy finishing, which no doubt makes this the most stylish soundbar on this list. This soundbar will blend in any room and increase the décor of that room.

BoAt Avante is a 120 watts powerful Soundbar and the subwoofer is of 60 watts this soundbar system can be easily connected to you TV, you will get the option of wall mounting or place it on a table below the TV.

The sound quality of this device is fantastic even better and louder than this MI soundbar and that because it has a subwoofer which gives an extraordinary sound experience that you can’t get on Mi soundbar with the remote that you get with this soundbar, you can control various things such as increase or decrease the bass and the treble in the sound.

  • Premium looking design
  • Produces impressive sound with great bass

  • Value for money

  • Supports 3D sound

  • The build quality of remote feels little cheaper

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3) Mi Soundbar

Sony HT-RT3 is the best soundbar in India, but what if you are not happy with the sound quality of you TV and want an affordable but yet powerful soundbar within the budget of Rs.5,000 then this soundbar by MI is the best soundbar under 5000 for you.

The box in which this soundbar comes with is packed carefully and then soundbar you will get power adapter plug which will get connected at the back of the soundbar and warranty card.

Design wise this soundbar looks stylish with is made with plastic and comes in 2 colour option white or black. This Mi Soundbar is of 33 inches and if you want you can wall mount this soundbar below the TV, or you can place it on a table the choice is up to you.

The bottom of the speaker have rubber on them, so if you placed this soundbar on top of a table, it would not move from its original place. The upper side of this soundbar has some buttons for selecting connectivity options and volume level. The backside from where the soundbar has a screw point which will make it easier to wall mount this soundbar, and you also get all the audio ports for multiple connectivity options which you can connect with your TV and power on/off buttons.

The sound quality that you will get with this MI soundbar would be of richer, clear and powerful then you current TV speakers as this soundbar comes with eight speakers which include two subwoofers.

  • Amazing sound quality
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.2 

  • Stylishly designed 

  • You don’t get any remote with this Soundbar

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4) Motorola AmphisoundX Dolby Wireless Soundbar

This Motorola AmphisoundX Soundbar system can be connected to its subwoofer wirelessly and is available in 3 power output 100, 120 and 160 watts and also supports HDMI ARC. HDMI ARC port is crucial, as it helps to provide HD quality audio and Dolby audio so if you watch lots of shows and movies on Netflix and Prime video, then this soundbar can be an excellent device for you as those streaming platforms have movies and show that supports Dolby and HD audio. This soundbar will be perfect for you if you have 55 inches or a 43 inches TV.

Motorola AmphisoundX is a Flipkart exclusively product, so it’s only available on Flipkart. This soundbar comes with an accessories box which includes remote, warranty card, optical cable, user manual, audio cable screw’s for wall mounting and power cable to power the soundbar and subwoofer.

Motorola AmphisoundX soundbar also has some preset audio mode which you can set via remote depending upon the type of content that you are watching like movies, music, sports and even news with the help of it’s remote. You can also set up bass and treble with the remote.

Design and build of this soundbar are beautiful and has glossy finishing this soundbar has four buttons at the right side of this soundbar which includes power, back volume up and down button. Motorola AmphisoundX Soundbar has rubber padding at the bottom, giving it a good grip, so If you are thinking of placing this soundbar on the table, you can be assured that it won’t move quickly.

This device supports Bluetooth 4.2, and on the backside of this soundbar, you get various port at the backside of this soundbar like a USB port, AC input, Line-in, HDMI ARC and optical port along with power cable plug. However, keep in mind that the HDMI cable is not included with the box and you would need to purchase it separately.

Most of the time in any soundbar system, you need wire to connect the soundbar to the subwoofer. But this Motorola amphisoundX soundbar gets connected to its subwoofer via Bluetooth which is a great thing and the most significant advantage of this kind if the subwoofer is now you can place this subwoofer anywhere.

This gadget has built in DSP (Digital Signal Provider) and comes with DRC smart sound for providing Dolby audio. No matter what you are watching movies, TV shows, series or sports this Soundbar by Motorola can provide you with a theatre like sound quality which your TV can never provide.

  • Wireless subwoofer
  • Good design

  • Theatre like sound quality

  • No HDMI cable included with the box

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5) Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System

Bose is a major company that makes the best soundbar and this Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar Sound System is no different. The bose solo soundbar has a clean and friendly look, and on the bottom of this soundbar you get rubber fit for a tight grip, and at the back, you get mounting screws and all major port option’s.

This soundbar comes with two drivers who are slightly angled away from each other and produce better sound quality compared to your TV. This soundbar system comes with a universal remote controller with all the button you can possibly imagine.

Bose Solo 5 has a service USB port, AUX input for connecting it to your TV if you TV has 3.5mm audio jack, Optical audio output which will give you the best sound experience so if your TV has optical audio port then I would recommend using that to connect this soundbar to your TV.

This soundbar will give you a type of audio experience that you would not have heard before audio on from this device is clear and crispy the bass of this soundbar is also satisfying. This soundbar has a dialogue mode which makes dialogue in movies and show’s audible.

  • Superb sound quality
  • Universal remote

  • Compact size

  • No HDMI port

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6) Zebronics 9001 PRO Soundbar

Zebronics 9001 PRO soundbar is a stylish soundbar which has a metal grill which goes from the front side of the speaker to the top end there is also a LED display precisely at the centre of the soundbar. On the top you get four backlit buttons for powering on the soundbar, increasing or decreasing the optional volume and a button for changing connectivity option.

The built quality of this soundbar is impressive the Zebronics 9001 PRO has four top firings 2.75-inch drivers and two tweeters of 1 inch the total sound output of the soundbar and subwoofer is 120 watts.

The subwoofer weighs around 4.5kg and has a triangular shaped bass reflect port towards it front, for connectivity options all the port is placed at the back of the soundbar which includes the HDMI, AUX cable, optical port and USB port. You can also connect your smartphone or your smart TV to this soundbar via Bluetooth.

Zebronics 9001 PRO will give you no audio distortion even at high volume which is great, the audio is loud and dynamic which will make you believe that you are watching your show’s and movies in the theatre every time you turn on this soundbar. Bass on this soundbar is deep and punchy, which is impressive. If you want to hear music, then switch to the music mode.

  • Comes with movie and music mode for producing better audio quality.
  • Bass is deep and punchy

  • Supports Bluetooth

  • Durable and high built quality

  • Supports Dolby Digital

  • The backlit buttons and led light on the soundbar is continuously ON which can sometimes get little irritating if you are watching content at night

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7) Realme 100 W Bluetooth Soundbar

Along with the newly launched Realme Sled TV, they have also launched there the first soundbar in India. The design of this soundbar is terrific, the thing that stands out most about this soundbar system is that the size of the subwoofer is small and it somewhat looks like Xbox series X gaming console.

The accessories that you get with this soundbar includes HDMI cable, user manual, Audio cable, remote with batteries included, power cable and wall mounting kit.

The body of this Realme soundbar is built with high quality plastic with mat finishing and metal grill on the front side of the soundbar. All the connectivity port are placed on the rear side of this soundbar.

Realme soundbar also has voice notification which will tell you which mode you are currently using, for example, Bluetooth, HDMI (ARC), USB, Optical, etc.

This soundbar is a 2.1 channel soundbar and has a total of 100 watts sound output. The sound quality of this soundbar is fantastic. The clarity of sound that you get from this soundbar is tremendous. In no point, the sound gets distorted realme soundbar can seriously produce audio that you won’t get in any other soundbar system in this price segment. This soundbar is a total value for money product and the bass that you get with this soundbar is great and match to the level of what you get in premium soundbars.

  • Value for money
  • Amazing sound quality

  • High build quality

  • There is no led display on this soundbar

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