Best Smart TV Under Rs.30,000 In India (August 2020)

If you are confused or struggling to buy a new TV and have a budget of ₹30,000 then make sure to read our article on the best smart tv under 30000.

With so many new companies entering the TV market and almost launching a new Television now and then, a consumer can easily get confused but don’t WORRY!!!!

We here at Mr TV Guru has got a solution for you.

After looking at almost every TV models (whether it be a Smart or Non-Smart TV, FHD or 4K TVs) we have created a list of best smart TV under 30000, we also continuously update this post when a new TV is launched so that you can get the best TV for your house.

So all you have to do is just read this whole article and I promised you will find the right Television that you are looking for.

Best TV Under Rs.30,000

1) Mi TV 4x 50 Inch – Best Smart TV under Rs.30,000

Mi TV 4x 50 Inch - Best TV under Rs.30,000

After Dominating the SmartPhone market in India Xiaomi Mi is all set to capture Indias budget TV market with it’s Mi TV 4x.

The TV is currently priced at Rs.29,999.

You must be wondering why I am saying that this TV is the best TV in India under Rs.30,000 price point.

That’s because of it’s specifications.

In this TV you get a 4K 50 inch UHD Display. If someone would told me that you can get a 4k display under 30000 a few years ago, I would have thought that person is crazy but now in 2020 you can get a 4k TV under 30,000.

The supports Dolby Audio and DTS HDR which makes the audio of this TV both loud and clear.

This is also a Smart TV which runs on the latest version of Android 9.0 and the best part is this Mi continuously give updates to this TV.

With this TV you also get the option to choose between 2 interfaces first the android 9.0 interface and second Mi PatchWall interface which is easy to use look Nice and futuristic and also very easy to use.

However, one of the thing that I don’t like about that TV is the remote which lack some important buttons and the quality of that remote also looks a little cheap.

Mi 4x 50 inch TV runs on Amlogic Cortex A53 processor has a Ram of 2GB and a storage of 16GB.

So the 4K display, loud audio, smart features, voice control, 50-inch display all these features make this TV an all-rounder and the Best TV Under 30000.

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2) Vu 43 inches UltraAndroid – Best 43 TV under 30,000

Vu 43 inches UltraAndroid - Best 43 TV under 30,000

Mi TV 4x is a great TV but it comes with 50 inch display and it is priced at Rs.29,999.

But what if you don’t want to spend Rs.29,999 on a TV even though you have a budget of 30,000 then you can settle for this 43 Inch TV by VU.

Picture Quality

The device has a full HD VA panel with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels with the refresh rate of 60 hertz.

The VA panel usually produces vivid colours and deeper blacks and this one doesn’t disappoint.
The images in this TV are Sharpe and full of details.

However, If you are watching this TV from the sides you can see some colour changed but it is not that drastic and probably you won’t even notice that.

The colour reproduction of this VU TV is genuinely impressive and you can also adjust the colour and brightens in the setting option as per your need.

The brightness level on this TV is also good.

To enjoy this TV with the best viewing experience I would highly recommend you to use an HD set-top box.

Sound Quality

The Device has a 24 watts sound output with Dolby audio supports many apps supports Dolby audio such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The bass is decent and is not this TV strongest point.

Overall the audio of this TV will be perfect for your TV viewing experience the sound is decent.

But still, if you want to connect an external soundbar or home theatre system you can do that for the better audio experience.

Smart Feature’s

This device is running on the latest Android TV 9 version with official app support from Netflix and Amazon Prime.

These official apps in this TV run like a breeze, smooth and super easy to navigate videos on Netflix play smoothly and you can change subtitles and audio as well.

Amazon Prime video get crashed some time’s but, I don’t think that’s TV’s fault it can be fixed with an update.

HD content on this TV looks clean.

With Android TV comes Chromecast, with chromecast you can easily cast YouTube Videos or any videos directly from your Phone to this VU TV.

However, there can be some minor lags or delay by a few seconds during mirroring.

The Play Store has lots of Game’s and App’s that you can play to when you are bored.

Bluetooth is also available on this TV so that you can easily connect your headphones and enjoy watching TV.


The performance of this TV is also far better than what you would have expected, It’s smooth and there will be barely any lag.

You will not experience any app crash.

This TV comes with 8GB of storage out of which only 4.6GB is usable which is a bit disappointing.

The RAM of this TV is also only 1 GB which I believe is a little low.


You can easily connect your TV with wifi and watch content online and you can also connect your headphones via Bluetooth.

This TV also comes with all the ports that you can think of such as:

  • 2 USB Ports
  • 2 HDMI ports
  • 3.5 mm audio jack
  • AV port
  • Ethernet


vu tv remote

The remote of this TV is an infrared remote which is very responsive and i don’t think you will have any complaints with this remote.

The remote of this TV also comes with some quick access buttons such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Play store and YouTube which is more than enough as these will be the only apps that you will use most of the time.

There is no Google voice search option available on this TV as there is no microphone on the remote of this TV.

This remote is like any other remote that you have been seeing for many years with some minor differences.

Batteries are also included with remote which is nice as there are not many companies that provide batteries with remote.

  • Amazing Sound and Picture quality.

  • Smart TV

  • Chromecast

  • Wall mount included in the box

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • 1GB Ram and 8GB storage

Final Verdict

So finally I can say that this is a good device for the price deep black, bright colour, Android TV 9, Chromecast great sound and you will get all new Android updates in the future. The only thing that lacks in this TV is the storage and RAM on this TV which could have been more. This TV also includes a wall mount which some other brands charge extra. So for Rs.20,999, this TV is a good deal.

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3) Motorola 43 inch 4K Smart TV with Wireless Gamepad – Best Gaming TV Under 30000

Motorola is a well-known brand and I am pretty sure that most of you would have used Motorola smartphones in the past and now this brand has entered the TV segment.

This TV comes with some interesting specifications so let’s check it out.

This TV is dedicated to gaming and is also packed with new technology’s that you can find in the market right now.


This TV comes with tons of accessories such as Gamepad along charging cable to charge that gaming pad, quick start guide of TV, Installation manual, remote, 2 triple-A batteries, Wall Mount and last but not the least table stand which is made up of metal( here the point to be noted is all the other brands they provide plastic table stand but Motorola they are providing metal stand.

This TV comes with gaming controller which is unique and no other brand currently gives a gaming controller along with the TV.

Remote of this TV is like any other traditional smart tv remote with some hotkey to Netflix, Prime and Google voice assistance.

Display quality & Sound quality

Motorola is entering the TV market with not any regular Display panel but with LG’s display panel which means display quality is something you don’t need to worry about.

Motorola 43 inch TV comes with IPS UHD panel and also the support of HDR 10 and Dolby visions.

Dolby vision will improve the colour and the frame looks frame by frame.

There are very few TVs in the market which supports Dolby vision.

You can also play 4k videos on Netflix with this TV.

Now the most interest thing about the display of this TV is that it comes with MEMC effect.

For those of you, who don’t know what MEMC is?

You will usually get this feature in premium TVs such as LG and Sony and that too at a price of more than 1 lakh, MEMC effect clear all the motion blur that comes when the cammer is moving very fast which happen mostly when you are watching sports like cricket or football.

You will get 178° of viewing angle.

So overall the picture quality that you will get in this TV is truly amazing.

Sound quality

If you compare the sound of this TV with any other smart TV then you will find out that the audio quality of other brands doesn’t sound great.

But this Television comes with 20 watts in-built soundbar which is extremely loud.

The soundbar of this TV will enhance your viewing experience and you will get a theatre-like experience in your own house.


This TV by Motorola comes CA53 Quad core 1GHz with Mali450 Quad core graphic card.

This TV comes with 16GB of storage capacity and 2.25GB RAM.

All the apps and games like Asphalt 8 run extremely smoothly without any lag.


You can connect almost anything in this TV, as this TV comes with a variety of port selections like 3 HDMI port, 2 USB port, 1 digital audio output and 1 RF antenna input.

  • Metal stand

  • Classic design

  • Value for money

  • Build in Chromecast

  • Good picture and sound quality

  • No 3.5 mm headphone jack

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4) TCL 43 inch 4K Smart LED TV – Best Android TV under 30,000

TCL 43 inch 4K Smart LED TV - Best Android TV under 30,000

TCL is a well know brand which makes a high-quality product and this TV is no exception.

There is nothing new about the design of this TV but certain touches like the texture and the TCL logo at the bottom of the TV LED light below it and slim bezels make this TV look very attractive.

Display & Sound

Let me start with the display panel review

This TV has a 43 inch 4K Ultra HD display which comes with the impressive display quality.

This TV supports HDR 10 which makes the colour saturation as well as clarity of display very impressive.

It supports multiple picture mode including Dynamic, Smart HDR, Sports, Movie, etc.

TCL 43 inch 4K Smart LED TV comes with micro dimming technology to deliver clear and crisp picture quality.

The A+ Grade Panel has motion clarity mode which reduces blur and while watching an action movie or sports.

It supports 60hz refresh rate for smooth visual overall the picture quality is very impressive considering the price of this TV.

Coming to the sound this TV supports 20 watts sound output which is loud and clear.

It features multiple preset sound mode like movie, music, games, video etc and also features a graphic equalizer.

It supports Dolby Digital sound for a more immersive and richer sound experience.

Software & performance

Another aspect of any smart TV is its software and performance.

This TV uses Google certified version of android TV software which runs on the relatively new version of Android 9.

The software experience is very smooth and easy to use, it is simple with multiple useful apps like Netflix and youtube which come pre-loaded with TV.

It uses Artificial Intelligence to suggest the content to watch.

This AI feature makes it quite useful and user friendly.

Ther is a play store which supports lots of apps to download and add to the entertainment value of this TV.

This TV like all the other TV on this list has built-in chromecast support to watch content from your phone directly to this TV.

It has 16GB of internal memory to install a new application and 2GB of RAM.

The TV uses a 64bit quad-core CPU with a dual-core GPU for smoother performance.

I am pleased with the overall software and hardware performance of this TV.


Now let’s talk about the remote of this TV.

The remote of this TV is similar to the remote of some other smart TVs like MI 4x.

It is simple and also comes with a dedicated Netflix button and Google voice assistance button so that you can control your TV with voice.


In terms of input and output button, the TV features this TV comes with 3HDMI port, 2 USB port  1 av port and optical audio port.

Final verdict

Overall this TV looks good sound great has a pleasing design and impressive software and hardware performance. This is a great value for money TV if you are looking to buy an Android TV.

  • Good picture and clear sound quality

  • 1 year warranty

  • Best Android TV

  • Amazing design

  • Port selection is limited

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5) Onida 43 Inch LED TV – Fire TV Edition

Display & Sound Quality

This Onida TV has an IPS panel with full HD display and LED backlighting.

This TV would be a good option for you if want to place your TV in a wide room because as this TV has IPS panel the viewing angle on this TV are pretty good.

Onida fire TV edition has a contrast ratio of 1200:1, no matter when are you watching this TV during day or night every time you will get superior picture quality.

Even though many people nowadays are buying FHD tv or a 4K TV I have still seen them using SD set-top box on there HD TVs.

Even though you are using SD set top box still the content and channels on this TV look great.

Now let’s talk about the sound quality of this Television.

The reason why I have put this on the 5 postion is this TV comes with 16 watts speakers if you are buying it online.

Even though this speaker supports Dolby audio.

The 16 watts speaker would be ok for a 100 square feet room but still, you can connect an external speaker or soundbar for the better sound experience.

Software & Design

Onida Fire TV Edition is the only TV in India which comes with Amazon Fire TV operating system.

Whenever you purchased a TV there is still one question that continuously comes to mind “will I get software update in future for this TV?”

Onida has promised that you will get software updates for up to 3 years with this TV which is great as this feature lack in other android TVs.

As this TV runs on Amazon fire tv you can download 1000s of Apps from the app store for your entertainment like Netflix, Jio cinema, Spotify and many more.

Other Android TVs on this list comes with Google voice assistance but this TV comes with Alexa voice assistance which can also recognize Indian ascent easily.

Now the only thing that I don’t like about this TV is the design of this TV and the bezel of this TV are also very big which nowadays even in 30,000 price point you can get TVs with slim bezels.

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6) Kodak 40 inch Full HD LED Smart TV 

If you are looking for buying a smart tv of 40 inches then the this Kodak 40 inch Full HD LED Smart TV can be a great option for you.

This smart tv comes with a table stand if you want to place your tv on a table and a wall-mount stand if you want to mount this TV on your wall.

Along with the table stand and wall mount you will also get a remote with triple-A batteries.

As this is a smart tv you can directly connect your tv with Wifi so that you can directly stream content from Youtube, Amazon Prime or Netflix.


Let’s start by talking about what input and output ports you will be getting with this tv.

  • 2 USB ports
  • 2 pair of audio and video ports.
  • Cable connection port
  • 2 HDMI ports
  • 3.5 mm audio jack to help you connect with Laptops.
  • Rj 45 ethernet port
  • Button’s
  • On the right-hand sides of this tv you are going to get all the control buttons.

So if your remote is lost then it still would not be any trouble configuring the tv.


The display is the most important part of any tv, and this tv has a Full HD Display and the Image Contrast Ratio of this tv is 3000:1.

To be honest my viewing experience on this tv was average compare to LG or Samsung but you have to keep in mind that this tv is available in half the price compare to those.

And for this price range, it is one of the best in the market.

The viewing angle on this tv is great and the reflection on display is also very less.


After Display, the sound is the second most important feature to check on any TV.

This TV comes with 20 watts speaker on both sides.

If you are thinking of using this speaker in your hall or room then I don’t think you need to buy any additional speaker.

Operating system

As this tv is a smart tv it runs on Android OS.

The RAM on this is 1 GB and storage is of 4 GB.

You can also download many apps and games which are supported on tv from the play store.

Overall review

If you are using this tv with DTH connection and streaming Youtube or Amazon Prime. then considering the price this is really a great deal for all of you because if you go to buy an LG or Samsung tv with the same specs then you will get them for more than forty-five thousand.

  • Affordable price

  • Smart TV

  • 4GB Storage and 1GB RAM

  • 1 year warranty

  • Great sound quality

  • The only con that I can find with this tv is its average display quality but considering the price great

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7) iFFALCON 49 inch Smart TV (49F2A)Best 49 inch TV under 30000

If you have not heard of the brand iFFALCON then let me tell you that this is a subsidiary brand of TCL.

This TV is a perfect combination of technology and functionality.

Software and performance

This TV comes with 8.0 oreo while another TV in this list has 9.0 and this is the reason why I have put this TV on 7 positions.

But still you can download tons of app from Google app store for unlimited content.

This TV also comes with officially certified Netflix which will give you the widest range of entertainment.

The inbuilt chromecast make it possible for you to share your screen and cast your favourite videos and games directly to your TV.

This TV comes with 1.5GB of ram and 8 GB of storage.

As this TV comes with Google voice assistance you can not even control your TV with voice but also other smart devices such as smart led lights, ACs and smart fans.

Whats even better is this TV is also available to you in different local India languages.

Display and Sound quality

IFFALCON 49F2A has a 49-inch A+ Grade FHD panel which meets the industry requirements ensuring you clear detail and rich picture quality.

With an FHD display panel, you can watch every small to small detail in a movie easily.

The HDR 10 feature in this TV will further enhance the accurate picture of light and dark shade.

HDR 10 will also allow you to watch next-level HDR content on Netflix, Amazon Prime, USB or rather your HD set-top box.

This TV uses IPQ engine technology which means that every picture you watch on this TV will have the top-level quality of colour, brightness and contrast giving you an amazing theatre like viewing experience as compared to other televisions.

IFFALCON 49F2A also comes with micro dimming technology which will analyze the content that you are viewing in 12 different zones and then will adjust the darkness and brightness according to for each screenplay ensuring your high picture quality.

Dolby audio in this TV creates a rich and powerful surround sound.

IFFALCON 49F2A also has a smart volume feature that can automatically detect the type of show you are watching and accordingly adjust the sound quality.

Also, the built-in stereo box speaker is designed especially for the India market which creates a wider and louder sound.

  • Premium build quality

  • Detail picture quality

  • High Sound quality

  • 1 year warranty

  • Runs on an older version of android 8.0

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Buying Guide for TV under 30000

Now I am going to tell you what specs and features you should look at a TV if you have a budget of 30,000.

What operating system should go for?

Some smart tv runs on there own OS like in case of Samsung it is running on its Tizen OS while LG is running on its WebOS and others are running on Google Android operating system and now some TVs are also running on Amazon Fire TV interface.

Mostly the best TVs, selling under 30,000 runs Official Android operating system. Android TV interface are simple they also have a wide variety of games and apps in Google play store.

Smart TV or Non Smart TV?

Nowadays buying a non smart TV is extremely rare because back in 2017 or 2018 smart TV were a little expensive but not now.

In 2020 the price difference between a non-smart TV and a smart TV is negligible so I would recommend you to go for a smart TV as they come with a lot of entertainment option compare to a non-smart TV.

Display Size

A lot of you have a question in your mind that how big TV can i buy under 30K?

Well, let me tell you Under 30K you can buy a TV in different screen sizes such as 32 inches, 40 inches, 43 inches, 49 inches and 50 inches.

But off course the bigger TV that you by the more you have pay for it.

The key thing to keep in mind before choosing the right size should be where you want to place your TV.

If you want to place your TV in hall or in a big room then you should go for 50 or 49 inch TV.

But if you want to put your TV in a small room then 32 or 43 inch TV would be a great option for you.

Full HD or 4K Ultra display

Initially thinking about getting a 4K display TV under 30k seems like a dream but nowadays you can get a 4K Ultra HD display under Rs.30,000.

But keep in mind that 4K TV is usually more costly than a Full HD TV.

You can also go for Full HD TV if you have an SD or and HD Set top box.

HDR compatibility

It’s always better to for a TV that supports HDR as without HDR your TV just can’t produce the colours which are true to life.

Just remember TV that supports HDR are usually more expensive, but if you can pay extra then please don’t miss out on this.

VA panel or IPS panel

VA stands for Vertical Alignment and IPS stands for In plane switching.

While both panels do the same thing that is filtering the LED backlight through the pixel design and colour filters to create an image on your TV.

But an IPS panel have a much broader viewing experience at a cost of weaker black.

VA panel has a high contrast ratio and will display a far superior black.

Sound Quality

Sound is also an important feature that you should check before buying a TV.

Almost every TV in this list comes with Dolby audio and DTS surround sound and what they do is they will enhance your sound experience and give you loud and clear sound output.

But still, if you want a more theatre-like experience then you can purchase a soundbar or a home theatre to give you that theatre-like sound experience.


So there you go I hope this list would have helped you in the search of the Best Smart TV Under 30,000.

I have covered all the TVs from different brands and in different sizes running on different OS.

But still, if you are confused or in doubt 🤷‍♂️ then feel free to ask me in the comment section.

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