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Best QLED TV in India (2021) Reviews


A QLED TV can produce brighter and more vibrant colors by consuming less energy than a standard LED or even OLED TV. QLED technology is also known as “quantum dot LED TV.” Samsung is the only QLED display manufacturer, and they sell their QLED displays to other TV manufacturer companies like TCL and OnePlus. In this post, you will get to know which is the Best QLED TV in India.

QLED TV is very affordable compared to OLED TVs and can also provide almost the same picture quality as what you get in OLED TVs.

Best QLED TV in India

1) TCL C715 50 inch 4K QLED TV

This newly launched TCL C715 50 inch TV is the best budget QLED TV in India. If you have a budget of Rs.45,000, then you can go for the 50 inches variant of this TV as this TCL C751 is QLED TV that gives a fantastic viewing experience and comes with handsfree voice control features which you usually get to see in other premium TVs.

There is a metallic finish used in this TV giving due to which the build and design of this TCL C751 feel great. TCL C751 is built with both metal and high quality plastic, which makes this TV more durable. This TV can be wall mounted or place on top of any table with its tabletop stand.

All the TV ports are placed on the right side of this TV, making them convenient and easy to reach. You get two USB 2.0 ports, a LAN port, 3 HDMI ports, antenna cable, digital audio output, AV-in port, and a 3.5mm audio jack. This TV has hands-free voice control features, so you also get a microphone on/off button below the ports at the backside of this TV.

As this is a QLED TV, you get 100% color, clarity, and contrast ratio. The picture quality of this 4K QLED would be more superior compared to any other 4K TV.

C751 also supports Dolby Vision, which will give you real-life picture quality. Not just Dolby Vision because this is a 4K TV, the TCL C751 also supports HDR 10+. HDR 10+ optimizes brightness, contrast, and color saturation of the content you are watching frame by fame.

Micro dimming technology on this TV can be useful when watching horror movies or shows usually shot in the dark. This TV also uses MEMC technology. This MEMC technology will be helpful if you are watching sports or action movies.

  • QLED 4K display
  • Handsfree Voice Assistance

  • Supports Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital

  • Affordable price

  • Only 30 watts speaker

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2) Samsung Q95T 55 inch 4K Smart QLED TV

In 2020 Samsung launched its 4 QLED TV lineup, the Q60T, Q70T, Q80T, and Q90T, out of which if you have a budget of more than Rs.1,50,000, then you should go for the Samsung 55 inch Q90T as this is the best QLED TV in India.

The Samsung Q90T is built very well with metal and is also one of the slimmest QLED TV even the table stand of this TV is made with metal. Bezels of this TV are very thin compared to any other TV on this list, and the backside of this TV is flat, and that’s why if you hang this TV on your wall, it will look like a painting.

The TV panel can show 1 billion colors, which means you will get an excellent dynamic range on this TV while watching movies and TV shows even the contrast ratio of this TV 4200:1, which is perfect and that because this TV has Quantum HDR10 support.

Viewing angles on this TV is 178°, which is terrific as this is a VA panel and, a VA panel can produce an excellent picture quality with natural-looking colors. Still, they don’t view angles, but this Samsung Q90T has a particular layer on top of the panel, increasing the viewing angle of this TV.

Another cool feature is that in this TV, the speakers are placed behind this TV panel, so the audio comes directly from the display of this TV. You get 60 watts, powerful speakers on this TV, which comes with Dolby Digital Plus technology for providing extraordinary sound quality.

When you are watching action movies, the background noise gets so loud that you aren’t able to hear the dialog to tackle this problem, Q9T TV has an Active Voice Amplifier which amplifies the talk so that they can easily be heard.

The Samsung Q90T operates on TIZEN OS, which is a very fast, easy to use, and feature-rich operating system. This TV also has a split-screen feature. Samsung has also developed an app from which you can control this TV

  • Excellent picture quality
  • Amazing viewing angel

  • 60 watts powerful speakers

  • Slim and bezel-less design

  • This TV comes with a Premium pricing

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3) OnePlus Q1Series 4K QLED TV

Oneplus has entered the Indian TV market with its Q1 series. These QLED TVs are filled with some surprise. The only difference between the Q1 and the Q1 pro other than their price is that in Q1 Pro, you get eight speakers of 50 watts, and in Q1, you get four speakers of 50 watts.

As you know, this TV comes with 50 watts powerful speakers, and if you are someone who likes to listen to music, you can use this only as a speaker to listen to music as this TV has two-way Bluetooth speakers.

The design of the table stand of this TV is a unique shape compared to other TV. This unique shape oval shape design table stand is built with metal, but if you place this TV on the table stand, then the center of gravity of this TV looks a little weak.

You get every type of port that you need on any TV. Also, Oneplus has done a wonderful job in cable management as you get a flap to hide all the ports on the backside.

This Oneplus TV has a 4K VA QLED panel whose peak brightness can go up to more than 500 nits, although OnePlus has not officially disclosed this TV’s brightness. Pictures on this TV appears more vibrant. You also get various preset modes, which you can choose depending upon which type of content you are watching. Oneplus Q1 and Q1 Pro both of this TV support Dolby Vision which is terrific.

Oneplus Q1 series TVs are running on Android 9.0, and Oneplus has also integrated its UI, which they call oxygen play. Gaming on this QLED TV is also fun and an amazing experience as in this TV you can game in 4K with HDR on.

  • 4K QLED display
  • 50 watts powerful speakers

  • Stylish design

  • Support’s Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos

  • There is no mute button on the TV remote

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4) Samsung The Frame

This TV by Samsung is unique in design compared to all the other TV on this list. If you want to improve your home’s decor or if you don’t like too much wire then this is the TV for you. If you look at this TV, it will look like a nice frame with an expensive painting hanging on your wall.

With this TV, you get a no-gap wall mount. One connects the box with all the ports, which are white in color and little curve to get a good grip.

You can buy the frame by Samsung on Flipkart or from the Samsung store. This TV is available in four sizes, 50 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, and 65 inches. Bezels on this TV are slim, and they are not shiny, which is good.

Talking about this TV’s picture quality, if you purchase the 50 inches variant, you will get a 4K QLED panel with a refresh rate of 60Hz, but on the 55 inches, you will get a 4K QLED panel that has a refresh rate of 120hz which is fabulous.

You will get 100% color volume on this TV, and colors also appear punchy. The panel of this TV can achieve a peak brightness of 550 nits. The panel technology used in this TV is the VA, which can deliver better picture quality than the IPS panel. Even the viewing angles of this TV is quite good.

This TV is running on the Tizen operating system. Also, you get a 1.7Ghz quantum4K processor on this TV, which helps this TV deliver fast performance.

Overall this is a great TV but the only place where this TV performs average is its sound quality. You get 40 watts of speakers on this TV, which can produce decent sound but still if you want a more immersive sound experience, you can get a good soundbar.

  • Unique design
  • 4K QLED display

  • Tizen OS

  • Stylish Remote

  • Only 40 watts speakers

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5) TCL C815 55 inch QLED TV

This 55 inch TV by TCL C815 this TV is very similar to the TCL C751, but the main difference between those two TVs is that in TCL C815, you get a 50 watts ONKYO soundbar attached to this TV, which delivers better audio quality compare to the C751.

You will get a QLED 4K UHD A+ Grade LED panel with a 60Hz refresh rate on this TV. Dolby Vision and HDR 10+ on this TV will further improve the picture quality of the content you are watching, giving a fantastic TV watching experience. Like any other premium TV, this TV has a MEMC feature that helps to clear out the blur that you get on your screen while watching a fast-moving action scene.

The design of this TV is also bezels and looks excellent. This TV is built with metal, which means it is durable. You also get 18 months warranty on this TV while other companies only give 12 months warranty now this shows how much trust the company has in its products.

This TV runs on the Android TV interface, and this TV comes with all google services like Chromecast, Google Play Store, and Youtube. You also get Netflix and Prime Video in build with this TV. Ram on this TV is 2GB, and storage is 16GB.

  • Good picture quality
  • 50 watts soundbar

  • Metallic built with Slim design

  • Android TV

  • Ports on this is not easily accessible if you wall mount this TV

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The main difference between OLED and QLED TV is that in QLED TV, you will still get an LCD backlight technology, but in an OLED display, each pixel can produce its light source, and OLED TVs are known for their deep blacks, which gives the picture more contrast and senses depth even colors on an OLED TV looks more natural and in OLED TV there is no backlight, so they are also very slim compare to QLED TVs.

QLED technology had improved significantly since when it was first launched by Samsung back in 2017. With the new backlighting system that throws out light in more direction, QLED TVs now have wider viewing angles with greater consistency. QLED TVs are also brighter than OLED TVs, and they are also very affordable compared to it’s OLED rivals.

Advantages and Disadvantages of QLED TVs


The peak brightness of a QLED TV can go upto 2000 nits, which is almost double compare to OLED TVs.

QLED technology is more affordable compare to OLED technology in India. The starting price of a TV using OLED display technology is more than 1 lakh rupees, but the starting price of a TV using QLED display technology is only Rs.50,000.

Another advantage of having a QLED TV is they have a longer lifespan.


OLED TV uses IPS panels, so they generally have wider viewing angles, which you don’t get in QLED display.

QLED TVs can have excellent picture quality, but OLED is still the king when it comes to picture quality as colors appear more natural in OLED TVs.

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