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5 Best OLED TVs in India in (2021)

If you ask me which is the best TV display technology right now in 2021? then I have to say that’s it OLED.

The reason why OLED TVs unique compare to LED TV is that OLED doesn’t use an LED based backlighting system which you get in standard led TVs

Pixels in OLED TVs are self-emitting and as a result you get panel uniformity in OLED TVs which is the main reason why you get true to life contrast ratio and perfect picture quaity with absolute black and absolute white colors which are the hallmark trade of OLED display.

In this list of the Best OLED TVs in India, you will not only get what the Best OLED TVs that you can buy right now but also an OLED TV buying guide. In which I will tell you what things you should keep before buying an OLED TV and there advantages and disadvantages are.

Best OLED TVs in India

1) LG CX 65 inch OLED TV

This is a new flagship TV by LG, and this TV is available in 65 inches and 55 inch TV size. The design of LG CX is mind blowing. Its design looks like Premium TV, and this TV is so slim that if you wall mount this TV then it would look like that there is a painting hanging on a wall, even the table stand of this TV looks unique and beautiful, the table stands of this TV is lengthy and also little curved.

Bezels on this TV are slim and black. If you touch the TV, you will quickly notice that the build quality of this TV high.

The LG CX comes with a lot of connectivity options and all of them are very convenient and easy to reach. LG CX has 3 USB ports, 4 HDMI ports that support full bandwidth all the HDMI ports are placed on the right side making them easily reach also out of the 4 HDMI port you get 1 HDMI ARC port for connecting the soundbar or home theater system, antenna cable, component IN port, LAN port, AV port, optical digital audio output and a 3.5mm audio jack.

So this TV comes with a lot of connectivity options but still, you don’t get any cover for cable management due to which you can face some problem managing cables behind this TV if you have connected a lot of devices with this TV.

This TV runs on WebOS, which is a speedy and interactive operating system it is very easy to use and also look very decent.

The display of this LG OLED TV is fantastic which has a resolution of 3840×2160 which means it’s a 4K display panel and has a refresh rate of 60hz. The LG CX TV also supports Dolby Vision and HDR10 content. If you are watching content on Prime Videos, YouTube, and Netflix which supports HDR10 or Dolby Vision you will get a notification message at the top left side of this TV telling you if that content support Dolby Vision or HDR10.

When it comes to picture quality, this LG CX TV has no match. The picture quality that you get on this TV is simply fabulous. That because it has an OLED panel which produces excellent colours and deep black also with vivid visuals but the only bad thing about an OLED panel is that it has a highly reflective display.

The best about any OLED TV is that in those TV you get darker black colours which you can’t get in any LED or QLED TVs and that’s the reason if you want an ultimate 4K watching experience with HDR then you should go for this TV.

This TV also has an automatic picture setting capability, so if you are watching content that supports HDR10, Dolby vision, or even when you are gaming. This TV can auto-adjust it preset, so you don’t need to adjust them, giving excellent picture quality manually.

However, this is a 4K TV. Still, HD content on this TV also looks terrific. This TV uses AI 4K Upscaler for upscaling HD content, so they look like 4K, now this is important as there is only limited content available on Netflix and Prime Video’s which you can watch in 4K.

Playing games on this TV is also a fantastic experience as they look great on this 4K TV display and all the details of the game look very rich and colour full.

The only bad thing about this TV is its sound with this TV you get 40 watts speaker that can produce amazing sound, but they are still not that loud, and this TV also supports Dolby Atmos which is excellent.

  • Extraordinary picture quality
  • Supports Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos

  • Smart TV

  • Slim design

  • Only 40 watts speakers

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2) Sony Bravia 55A9F 55 inch OLED TV

Now when it comes to picture quality no OLED TV that can match the level of detail and picture you get on this TV and it is the best OLED TV in India but it is costly, and that’s the reason it’s on the two positions on this list.

The design of this TV is somewhat similar to the Sony A1 TV which was launched in 2017. This TV is very sleek in design also bezels on this TV are slim which gives this TV a beautifully elegant look.

Sony 55A9F has 3 USB ports, 4 HDMI ports, LAN port, Cable/Antenna port and all the ports on the Sony 55A9F are placed at the backside of this TV behind a black cover which makes cable management on this TV easy which is great as you don’t get that on that on the LG CX.

Coming to the picture quality of this TV, the panel used in this TV is an OLED panel. This was the first Sony TV that uses Sony X1 ultimate chip which can identify every object displaying on its display individually by using HDR technology to boost the picture quality further and that’s the reason the picture quality of this TV is so outstanding.

You can also watch content on this TV on Netflix, ZEE5, Prime Videos, and on Disney+Hotstar which supports Dolby Vision. The Sony A9F also comes with a dedicated Netflix calibrated mode. The picture upscaling the quality of this TV is great, and that’s the reason even watching 1080p videos on this TV looks like 4K. Playing games on this TV is also a great experience.

The sound quality of this TV is far better than any other TV thanks to the acoustic surface technology used in this TV which was also used in Sony A1 TV. This TV has three actuators and two subwoofer due to which this TV can produce theatre like sound quality. Sony A9F has a total sound output of 98 watts.

  • 4K OLED display
  • 98 watts powerful speakers

  • Android TV

  • Beautiful design

  • No HDMI 2.1 port

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3) LG CX 55 inch 4K OLED TV

The LG OLED CX TV series comes in 2 sizes for you to choose for the 55 and 65 inches. If you have PS5 or Xbox series one gaming console or if you are planning to buy a new next generation gaming console then this could be the best OLED TV for gaming.

This TV has all the famous and standard ports that you can need it comes with 3 USB ports, and four HDMI ports and all four of them are HDMI 2.1 so all of them support a refresh rate of 120hz.

LG CX TV has the third generation of AI enhancement technology known as ThinQ AI. This TV is NVIDIA G-Sync compatible, which is why this is the best OLED TV for gaming.

When it comes to design and build quality, the LG CX TV is incredibly thin. The remote of this TV feels very comfortable when you hold it also the build quality of that remote high. The remote of this TV also acts kind of like a mouse which makes the navigation of this TV easy. Typing on this TV is also effortless thanks to its mouse like a remote.

You also get a built in microphone integrated to the remote as you get in any smart TV for operating this TV through your voice. On the remote, you also get two dedicated buttons for Netflix and Prime Videos.

Unlike Sony TV’s which runs on the Android operating system, this TV by LG runs on WebOS which features rich and easy to use. In this WebOS, you also get Chromecast so now you can cast any movies, videos, and tv shows that you are watching on your phone on YouTube or any other OTT platforms.

This TV supports Dolby Vision, so watching any shows or movies on this TV in 4K looks impressive. Since this is an OLED TV colour on this TV looks amazing, giving insane attention to details in every picture.

The gaming experience that you will get on this TV with the new generation gaming console would be phenomenal.

The speakers that you get with this TV are 2.2 channel 40 watts speakers that support Dolby Atmos. However, the audio quality of this TV could have been better.

  • Amazing picture quality
  • Easy to use operating system

  • LG magic remote

  • Only 40 watts speakers

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4) Sony Bravia 65 inch OLED TV A8G

Sony A9G comes with some exciting and crazy features that you can get on any TV. The unique part of this TV is that it uses Acoustic Surface Audio technology the speakers of this TV are placed behind the display. Hence, the audio in this TV comes directly from the display giving you a fantastic experience.

This TV runs on Android operating system, and you also get the support of Google Voice Assistant on this TV.

Sony A9G uses X1 ultimate processor which is a flagship processor by Sony this is the same processor that you get in Sony A9F. The X1 Ultimate processor does a great job when it comes to processing videos. This 4K OLED TV also supports HLG, HDR 10, and Dolby Vision which will give you the best experience while watching movies or even TV shows that support them.

The X1 Ultimate processor manages to give you a superb looking picture quality with excellent contrast level by analyzing the content you are watching. As this is an OLED TV, the thickness of the panel is quite slim.

  • X1 Ultimate processor
  • Slim design

  • Acoustic Surface Audio technology

  • Premium price

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5) LG BX 55 inch 4K OLED TV

The last OLED TV on this list is the LG BX OLED TV this TV is also the most affordable OLED TV that you can buy right now. This is a 4K TV which has the resolution of 3840×2160 and have the refresh rate of 120Hz that’s great so with the launch of next generation gaming console you can play games in 4K with 120hz on this TV this will gaming your experience fun.

To give you a more realistic and fantastic picture looking experience, this TV uses α7 Gen 3 AI 4K Processor, which is developed by LG and is used mostly on their premium TVs. The picture upscaling capabilities of this TV is also awe-inspiring, and for upscaling HD content to 4K the LG BX uses 4K Upscaler now this is great if you have an SD set-top box.

This TV can be wall-mounted and can place on top of a table stand. The design of the table stand that you get with this TV is stunning and is add to looks of this TV. Just like LG CX TVs this TV is slim in design and has almost the same ports for connectivity like 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, LAN port, etc.

You get LG WebOS on this TV which is a very lightweight, user friendly, and good looking operating system. The LG BX TVs support both Google and Alexa voice assistance, and this TV has Apple Airplay 2 which due to which now you can mirror your iPhone or IPad screen to this device easily.

This TV has 40 watts speakers that support Dolby Atmos, and OLED surrounds sound for producing a genuinely cinematic audio experience at the comfort of your home. This TV comes with a 1 year warranty.

  • 4K OLED Display
  • Amazing picture upscaling capability

  • Support both Google and Alexa Voice assistance

  • LG WebOS

  • Only 40 watts speaker’s

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Things you should know before buying OLED TV!

Now you know which are the best OLED TV that you can get in the market right now, but you must still have some questions about what is OLED technology and how does it work? What are the differences between an OLED and a QLED TV? What are the advantages and disadvantages of OLED TVs?

So I will answer all of these questions which will make you aware and help you make the right decision so without wasting any time let’s continue.

What is OLED technology, and how does it works?

OLED Display is also known as an organic light-emitting diode and is different from other TV display technology like LED, LCD, and QLED TV. All the pixels in the OLED TV display are self-emitting which means they can be turned on or off individually. That’s the main reason why OLED TVs can achieve such significant levels of deeper dark and brighter white colors, and that’s the reason why images appear sharper on this TV.

2) What is differences between an OLED and a QLED TV

OLED Display

There is a lot of difference between OLED and QLED display technology. OLED stands for organic light emitting diode, OLED is a self-emitting in which each pixel is composed of one organic compound, and when you pass electricity through it, the pixels glow and turn it off. It goes black, and that’s the reason why OLED TV’s are so popular with black levels.

LG is the manufacturer of OLED display, and they sell there display to other companies like Sony and Panasonic as LG is the manufacturer of an OLED display that the reason why LG OLED TV’s are more affordable and cheaper compare to any other companies selling OLED TV’s

QLED display

QLED stands for Quantum dot Light Emitting Diod, QLED is a marketing term devised by Samsung QLED is an LCD panel which uses an LED backlight either at the edge or at the back of display panel. But what separates a QLED panel to and LED panel is that in QLED there a quantum dot filter placed behind the panel which helps to deliver much higher peak brightness and that’s the reason why a TV using QLED display technology can reach a peak brightness of 2000 nits.

Samsung is the only manufacturer of QLED display technology, and they sell their QLED display to other companies like OnePlus. All thought Samsung is the manufacturer of QLED TV’s their QLED TV are still expensive compared to other TV’s using QLED technology.

Advantage and Disadvantages of OLED TV’s


The biggest strength or advantage of OLED display is there ability to produce real and more profound looking black colours.

The OLED display is also very flexible.

OLED TV has a Dynamic high range and an excellent contrast ratio.

TVs using OLED technology have much wider viewing angles compare to QLED TVs.

As there is no filter or backlight behind the panel of an OLED TV’s. Which is the reason why they are slim in design.

As mention above, OLED TV is flexible, and that’s the reason why in the future TV using OLED technology can be foldable and rollable like you get in this LG rollable TV.


Every gadget and technology have their advantages and disadvantages, and there are some Disadvantages of this OLED technology.

The maximum peak brightness an OLED TV can achieve is only 1000 nits.

TV using OLED display is quite expensive compare to LED TVs, but they do provide a more immerse TV watching experience.

OLED TV displays are highly reflective, which can be a problem if you have a lot of lights coming from the windows of your home.


If you want a better and premium TV watching experience. Then you can go ahead and buy any OLED TV from this list as all of them delivers extraordinary picture quality also I hope this article would have the help you clear out all your doubts and question about OLED TV.

Still, if you have any questions about OLED TV then feel free to ask me in the comments section 😊.

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