There are many operating systems you can choose from before buying a TV, such as Tizen OS, which is used in Samsung TVs, Web OS, which is used in LG TVs, VIDAA OS, which is used in Toshiba TVs. But the most popular one is Android OS, which is used in most TVs nowadays, and if you are wondering which is the Best Android TV in India.

Android was launched way back in 2008 as a smartphone operating system. Due to its increasing popularity in smartphones, Google decided to launch Android tv as a platform for upcoming TVs.

Android TV operating system puts the full power of Android inside a TV. This means anything that you can do on an Android phone now you can do on your TV like watching Youtube videos, Netflix, Prime videos, and many other OTT platforms or playing games on a TV which you can download from Google Play Store.

To help you choose the best Android TV for you, I have rank TVs based on their sizes from 32 inches to 65 inches and the price from 20,000 to 1 lakh. So that you select the best Android TV according to your budget and according to your required size

Best Android TV in India

1) OnePlus Y Series 32 inch Android TV – Best Android TV Under 15000

Oneplus TV

OnePlus is a brand known for providing premium features at an affordable price with its devices, and this 32 inch TV by Oneplus is no different.


This TV’s design and look are entirely premium, and the bezels on this TV are skinny, which is the main reason this TV seems premium. The screen to body ratio of this 32 inch TV is 91.4%. The backside and stand of this TV are made of plastic.

However, this TV is a little thick compared to the MI 4A Pro TV, but I don’t think that this matters when you wall Mount or place the stand as you won’t be seeing the TV’s backside much.

Display & Audio Quality

Picture quality that this Oneplus TV can produce is unmatchable for any other Android TV under 15,000. This 32 inch TV comes with an HD ready display, which has a resolution of 1366x768p. This TV’s maximum resolution is 720p, but with the software, this TV can produce picture quality up to 1080p. The Colour gamut on this TV is DCIP 3, due to which this TV can make more than 93% of colors accurately. The contrast ratio of this TV is 5000:1, and the refresh rate is 60 hertz.

Pictures on this TV appear bright. The brightness of this TV is very high, making colors appearing lifelike. This Oneplus TV will help you see every single little detail of the show. This TV doesn’t support HDR, but if you play some HDR content on this TV, you can notice that Oneplus 32 Y1 forcefully enhances the picture quality.

Oneplus 32 inch TV can produce dark black colors accurately, and they don’t look greyish in any mean. The Colour reproduction and sharpens of this TV are superb.

If you are not happy with the picture quality you get on this TV, you can easily change them from the setting option and manage them according to your like.

Now let’s talk about the audio quality of this TV.

You will get 2 speakers with this TV of 10 watts each, which I will not say are extremely loud instead, they are ok, which is a problem for every TV at this price point. The Oneplus 32 Y1 also supports Dolby audio.

To get the best audio experience, I would recommend you to use this TV with external speakers.

Ports & Connectivity

Oneplus 32 Y1 comes with all necessary ports like 2 HDMI ports, out of which one is ARC, one Ethernet port, 2 USB slots, one RF port, one AV port, and an optical port. Coming to the connectivity options, you will get the support of Bluetooth 5.0, from which you can connect your remote and headphone and enjoy watching TV without disturbing others.

You can even connect your audio system with this TV, which again is a significant plus point.

Smart Features

This TV runs on Android 9.0 out of the box. Performance is also a major factor you should consider before buying an Android TV. So let me tell you that this TV by Oneplus has a Quadcore processor with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. For a 32 inch TV, 8GB of internal storage should be enough. However, you can notice some lags while using this TV. 

I don’t think I need to tell you this, but as this is an Android TV, you can download thousands of apps and games from Google Play Store and let the entertainment run forever. Oneplus has created its UI known as Oxygen play, which works exactly like the MI patch wall interface.

This TV’s remote is built with plastic, which comes with all standard buttons and some add on buttons to Netflix, Prime Videos, and YouTube.

You will get a mic installed in the remote, which you can use to control your TV with your voice by pressing the Google Voice Assistance button.

As I have mentioned earlier, the remote of this TV is Bluetooth enabled. So no matter where you are in your house or from which angle you are using this remote, you can operate this TV from anywhere.

  • Great picture quality

  • OxygenPlay UI

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • Slim bezels

  • No 3.5mm audio jack

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2) VU 32 inch Ultra TV – Best Android TV in India 32 inch

32 inch VU TV

Within just a few years, Vu Televisions has become one of India’s most largest-selling TV brands across all e-commerce platforms. The reason behind the success of Vu TVs is that they provide premium TVs at affordable prices.

Display & Sound Quality

VU UltraAndroid LED TV has an HD Ready display with a resolution of 1366×768 and a refresh rate of 60Hz.

The TV has lovely picture quality when you compare it to the price that you pay for it. SD channels look great on this TV. The pictures appear sharper. VU ultra TV also has the right viewing angles, and the pictures look great. The colors and saturation of this TV are also good.

This TV’s sound quality is loud, and that’s mostly because this TV has 20 watts speakers. VU UltraAndroid LED TV supports both Dolby Audio and DTS Studio Sound.


You will get several ports in this TV such as:

  • 2 HDMI ports
  • 2 USB ports
  • 1 AV port

Smart features

VU UltraAndroid LED TV runs on the latest Android 9.0. This TV also supports the Official Play Store from which you can download tons of Apps.

You also cast the movies and pictures that you are watching on your phone screen directly to this TV as it supports Chromecast, and you will get Netflix, Prime Videos, and Hotstar pre-installed on this TV.

  • 1 year warranty

  • Great display

  • Android TV

  • Chromecast works fine but has some lags

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3) Panasonic 40 inch AndroidLED TV

This TV design is truly magnificent, and the bezels are also very slim, as you can see above in the photo.

Display and Audio Quality

Panasonic 40 inch TV has an A+ grade IPS panel, which will give you fantastic picture quality and a great viewing experience. The display of this TV has an 8-bit panel, which means this TV can produce 16 million colors. Panasonic TH-40HS450DX as a refresh rate of standard 60Hz.

To enhance the picture quality of this TV Panasonic, it uses Vivid Digital Pro technology developed by Panasonic themselves. Vivid Digital Pro technology automatically manages brightness, Sharpness, Picture quality, and contrast ratio, providing better colours.

Multi HDR is also supported in this TV. This TV by Panasonic uses adaptive backlight dimming technology, which helps the TV providing rich black colors.

Panasonic TH-40HS450DX comes with 16 watts sound output and uses V audio technology, which the company claims will give you a cinematic sound experience.

Smart features

This is a certified Android TV that runs on Android version 9.0. You will get 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. I think 1GB ram RAM can be a little less, but this TV is still available only at Rs.20,000, so I guess that’s ok.

Panasonic TH-40HS450DX has ARM CA53 Quad-Core processor and Mali 470 GPU. Netflix, Prime videos, and Hotstar all will work perfectly fine with this TV as they come pre-installed. Chromecast is also built-in with this TV. You will also get the voice-enabled remote.

Panasonic TH-40HS450DX has 2 HDMI ports, but it doesn’t have an HDMI ARC, which means you cannot connect your home theatre with this TV.

  • Good picture and audio quality

  • After sales service of Panasonic is great

  • Android TV

  • No HDMI ARC port

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4) Shinco 43 inch 4K LED TV – Best 43 Inch Android TV

If you are on a tight budget and want a 43 inch 4K Android TV, this is the right TV for you as this TV comes with some unique specifications. With this TV, you will get a wall mount kit and a tabletop stand, IR cable, and Remote. You will get 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB Ports, 1 Optical Audio Output, and 1 Ethernet Port.

Design & Build Quality

Bezels of this TV are also thin and gives a premium look to this TV.

You can say Shinco has worked hard on the design of this TV. The build quality of this TV seems pretty good.

This TV is made out of plastic, which considering the price that you are paying is reasonable. The quality of plastic which is used to make this TV is high.

Display & Audio Quality

Shinco S43UQLS has a 4K Ultra HD A+ grade led panel in which you can watch content in 3840x2160p resolution.

Shinco has not disclosed which panel they have used in this TV IPS or VA? It looks like they have used an IPS panel as the viewing angle of this TV is excellent 178°, and the colors in this TV don’t wash out even if you are watching it from an angle, which is great if you want to place this TV in a big room or your hall.

The viewing angles of this TV is fantastic, and the colors look perfect as well. Videos also play smoothly on this TV thanks to its 60Hz refresh rate. Shinco S43UQLS uses quantum luminit technology, which gives you outstanding picture quality with accurate color reproduction, so watching movies or TV shows on this TV will be a treat for you other than using quantum luminit technology this TV also supports HDR 10.

With HDR 10, you can now see every single detail which you would have missed. You can say that display is probably the best thing about this TV. This TV’s picture upscaling capability is awesome as SD, and HD content on this TV also looks gorgeous.

Just like it’s display quality, the sound quality of this TV is also fantastic. You will get 20 watts of speakers on this TV, which produces loud and crispy audio. You will never need any external sound speaker with this TV as it supports DTX Technology and Surrounds Sound.

No TV in this price range can match the audio quality of Shinco S43UQLS.

Smart features

This TV is based on the latest Android version 9.0, but when it comes to UI, you will not see the official Android TV interface as you get to see in other TVs because this TV doesn’t have the official android UI support.

This TV uses the A-55 Quad Core Processor and has a RAM of 2GB and internal storage of 16GB. This TV’s UI is very responsive, and you won’t find any lags on this TV.

Shinco S43UQLS uses E-Share for screen mirroring on IOS and Android devices. You can watch Netflix, ZEE5, Disney+Hotsar, and Prime Videos on this TV, but you will not find any dedicated buttons on the remote for them. Other than English, this TV can be operated in 6 languages.

  • 4K display

  • Loud Audio

  • Supports 7 languages

  • Responsive UI

  • Supports HDR content

  • No Google Voice Support

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5) Hisense 43 inch Android TV

Hisense recently entered the Indian TV market, but they are already a household name in other countries like Mexico, South Africa, the USA, and Australia, and now finally, they are here in Indian with their quality TVs. Hisense is also an official partner of UEFA Europa League 2020.

This Hisense 50 inch 4K Android LED TV is undoubtedly one of the best TV under 40000. This TV is available on Amazon for Rs.33,499.

Hisense 50A71F comes with a table stand with a wall mount bracket, quick start guide, user manual, remote with two batteries, and some screws with which you can set up the tabletop stand.

The design of this remote is pretty good, and it is very user friendly. At the top of this remote, you will find some dedicated buttons to Netflix, Google Play, Prime Videos, Voice control, and Disney+Hotstar. The remote controller of this TV also performs very well and is very responsive. Hisense 50A71F has an ultra bezel-less design and is made with some high-quality plastic.

Ports and Connectivity

Hisense 50A71F has 2 USB ports, an audio-video port, 3HDMI ports out of which 1 is HDMI ARC port, LAN port, 3.5mm audio jack, Digital Audio output port, and the antenna port, so in terms of port selection, this TV is pretty good.

As this is an Android TV, this TV also comes with a dual WiFi band.

Display & Audio Quality

With Hisense 50A71F 4K TV, you can be sure that you will get a fantastic experience while watching content on this TV. This TV can produce life-like colors. You can also customize picture output with various options. This TV also supports Dolby Vision, which you can further customize according to your requirement. The viewing angle of this TV is at 178°, which is pretty goods. Hisense 50A71F also has a standard refresh rate of 60Hz.

You can watch movies and shows on Netflix, which support Dolby’s vision, and immediately, you will notice the difference in picture quality. 4K videos also look extraordinary on this TV. Apart from Dolby Vision, this TV also offers Ultra dimming technology, which gives you brighter whites and deeper black colors.

The 30 watts speakers that support Dolby Atmos in this TV are also pretty good. You can also customize the sound output as per your requirement as this TV supports six different sound modes like Standard, Theater, Sports, Music, Speech, and late-night mode.

Thirty watts Dual speakers perform amazingly, and overall you will be satisfied with the audio quality of this TV.

Smart Features

This TV works smoothly with no lags at all as it comes with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, and the OS version of this TV is Android Pie. The user interface of this TV is like any other Android TV smile and responsive. You can also install games from Google Play Store play them on this TV. This TV also performs pretty well when connecting PS4 or Xbox, and playing games on them in 4K is also and wonderful experience.

Final verdict

Overall, the Hisense 50A71F is a Value for money TV that offers you features that are mostly available at premium TVs with display quality among the best you can get.

  • Value for money TV

  • Extraordinary picture and audio quality

  • Supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos

  • Latest Android 9.0

  • 1 year warranty

  • There can be some minor lags while using screen mirroring

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7) OnePlus 55 inch Q1 TV

Oneplus TV

In 2014, 6 years ago, Oneplus launches there the first smartphone, and within six years, they have completed changed the smartphones Industry in India, and now Oneplus want to do the same thing in the Smart TV Industry.


The design of this TV is fabulous, with minimal bezels giving you an edge to edge display. Even the back of this TV is made with a carbon fiber finish, which looks premium. Ports and other connectivity options are also placed at the end of this TV, which includes 2 USB ports, out of which one is USB 3.0, 4 HDMI ports, 1 USB C type port to connect your Oneplus phone or Webcam.

Display & Audio Quality

Oneplus Q1 comes with a 55 inch 4K QLED TV, which uses Quantum Dot technology, which filters light providing you best quality pictures by improving the contrast ratio. The motion refresh rate of this TV is 480Hz. Oneplus Q1 also produces vibrant colors, but as this is a QLED TV, sometimes, when there is a high frame motion, pictures can be a little blur.

Oneplus Q1 also has Ultra Smooth Motion, a video enhancer software that also comes in Oneplus smartphones, improving frame rate. This TV also uses local dimming technology, which can help produce deeper dark colors providing you with a theatre-like experience.

This Oneplus TV supports HDR10, HDR10+, HLG decode, and Dolby Vision, which is great!!!! So in terms of picture quality, this Oneplus Q1 is far better than any Thomson, Motorola, Kodak, or even MI TVs. 

Generally, TV manufacturers make their TVs slimmer and compromise on their TVs’ sound quality, producing average sound, but this Oneplus Q1 TV comes with 50 watts speaker output.

The sound output of this TV is extremely loud. The speakers on this TV can produce high bass sound because this TV has two speakers and 2 Subwoofers that support Dolby Atmos.

Smart Features

This TV comes with Android 9.0. Like the MI patch wall interface, Oneplus has also developed its UI called OxygenPlay, which is an aggregative feed that shows content from different apps directly in one place.

All the essential apps come to preinstall with this TV, like Sony live, Prime videos, ZEE5, and Netflix. As mention earlier that the sound quality is this TV is excellent. This Oneplus TV comes with a mode called Bluetooth stereo mode, with which you can use this TV as a speaker system and play music on it directly from your phone.

All these features make this Oneplus TV the best 55 inches Android TV in India.

  • 55 inch QLED display

  • 50 watts speakers

  • OxygenPlay UI

  • 1 year warranty

  • Supports HDR, HDR10+, HLG, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos

  • Oneplus doesn’t provide a Tabletop stand in the box. You need to purchase it separately.

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8) Sony Bravia 55 inch X7500H Android LED TV

This television is an excellent option if you are looking for a TV from a premium brand that can provide a great picture and sound quality. Among Samsung, Sony, and LG, Sony is the only premium TV brand that manufactures TVs that run on the Android Operating System. This Sony X7500H Android TV is the best 55 inch TV in picture quality that runs on Android.

Sony X7500H TV is available in three sizes, 43, 49, and 55 inches, and has almost the same specification.

This TV looks stylish on the backside this TV is made of metal. Bezels on this TV are incredibly slim. At the rear, you will find 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, Ethernet port, Digital Audio Output, AV port, Antenna port, and Composite in port. I don’t think that I need to tell you this, but still, Sony X75000H comes with Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2.

Display and Audio Quality

Sony X7500H Android TV has a 10 bit IPS panel with a viewing angle of 178°. The 10-bit panel of this display can produce 1 billion colors. The 55-inch variant of this TV comes with a DLED panel. Sony X7500H comes with X1 4K Processor picture processor, due to which you will get to see a massive bump in the contrast ratio and brightness of this TV.

Having the Sony X1 4K Processor is really one of the biggest pros of this TV. This Sony X7500H TV supports HDR10 and HLG, but this TV doesn’t support Dolby Vision, which is a huge bummer as you get Dolby Vision support on the Oneplus Q1 TV.

The colors on this TV appear really good due to the Triluminos technology, and this technology actually makes every color more natural, vivid, and more precise.

Sony X7500H TV has two speakers on both the side of this TV which has a total sound output of 20 watts, and they also support Dolby Atmos however still they are not as good as the 50 watts speakers that you get in the Oneplus Q1.

Smart Features

The Google Android OS on this TV works smoothly and looks great. Voice assistant of this can accurately understand what you are saying and works fine.

The remote of Sony X7500H comes with all the buttons that you usually want to see in any remote such as the power on/off buttons at the top of the remote.

If you love to play games on Xbox or PS5, this TV can be a delight for you to play games on HDR. You can also do all the necessary things you can do with an android TV, like downloading thousands of games from the play store, using Chromecast or watching videos on youtube in 4K, etc.

Storage that you will get in this TV is 16GB, but out of which only 12GB would be available for you, but Sony has not disclosed how much RAM do you get with this TV.

  • Solid design and build quality

  • Great Display

  • 1 year warranty

  • X reality pro processor

  • Decent audio quality

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9) Vu 55 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV

This VU Ultra TV comes with a thin-bezel design and plastic body.

If you are thinking of buying a 55 inch TV, then check out over Best 55 Inch TV in India.

Display Quality

This is a 4K TV which has a resolution of 3840×2160 pixel and has a refresh rate of 60Hz. The panel used in this TV is a VA panel, which is an 8-bit panel that supports HDR 10, HLG, and Dolby Vision. Since it has a VA panel, the blacks are deep, and the colors are vibrant, which will surely give you a more impressive viewing experience.

When you play a 4K video on this TV, then the sharpness, smoothness, and color reproduction of this TV is impressive. The brightness of this TV can go up to 400 nits. This TV also has 4K more upscale, which can upscale the content you are watching on 1080p to 4K with software help. Even the SD channels look great on this TV, but you should get an HD set-top box to fully enjoy a good viewing experience.

VU Ultra TV has 30 watts speakers that support Dolby digital MS12 and DTS Virtual X.

Smart Features

VU Ultra TV runs on Android 9.0 with built-in Chromecast. The CPU used in this TV is Cortex A55 CPU, and the GPU on this TV is Mali 470 MP3.

The RAM of this TV is 2GB and 16GB of storage, but out of that 16GB, you will only get 11GB of free storage.

Netflix and Amazon Prime run smoothly on this TV on 4K. You can also download tons of Games and Apps from the Google Play Store.


You will get 3 HDMI ports out of which 1 is an ARC port, and you also get 2 USB ports, optical audio, one headphone jack, and 1 HDMI CEC port, which means “Consumer Electronic Control port” you can connect your external device such as Gaming console, Laptop or computers to this TV which makes this TV future proof.

  • Bezel less design

  • Deeper blacks

  • HDMI CEC port

  • Remote with 5 hotkeys

  • Supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Audio

  • Stocks of these TVs is limited

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10) TCL 65 inch Smart LED TV 65P715 

Due to heavy competition in the smart TV market, the price of the TV is gradually decreasing and thanks to that we are now getting a big size TV at affordable prices. This TCL 65P715 is the best 65 inches Android TV in India.

TCL 65P715 is a 4K Ultra HD TV that supports HDR, wide color gamut.

Colors on this TV appear natural and punchy but watching 4K content on this 65 inches big TV is a fantastic experience. The Audio of this TV is also good when you compare it to the price you are getting this TV.

This TV has next to none bezels, supports Chromecast, and comes with all major apps like Netflix, Youtube, etc. Bluetooth and wifi also work fine with this TV.

This TCL 65P715 comes with a remote, table stand, power cable, Audio-video cable, and warranty card.

Design and Build Quality

Coming to the build quality of this TV, the backside and edges of this TV are made of metal, which you only get to see in some premium TVs. Still, even though the edges and back of this TV are made with metal, the table stand that you get with this TV is made with plastic, but overall, this TV’s build quality is outstanding.

You will get two speakers placed at the bottom of this TV of 30 watts.

TCL 65P715 has 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, Ethernet port, audio-video port, and last but not least 3.5mm jack. The screen to body ratio of this TV can be more than 95%.

Smart features

TCL 65P715 has the latest android Pie version that’s 9.0. This TV’s UI is very familiar and comes with all the popular OTT platforms pre-installed in it.

This TV’s remote is a little bit smaller and has only a few buttons, but this remote supports voice assistance and has dedicated buttons to Netflix.

TCL 65P715 has a Quadcore processor and a Mali470×3 GPU with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage

Overall you can say this is a good and features rich 65 inch TV.

  • Big 65 inch 4K display

  • Latest Android 9.0

  • Metal build design

  • Availability of this TV can be an issue

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