10 Best 55 Inch LED TV in India – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide (October 2020)

best 55 inch tv in india

If you are looking for the Best 55 inch TV in India then you have come to the right place.

“I wish I bought a smaller TV,” said no man as a bigger TV + 4K resolution = Amazing viewing experience.

A 55 inch TV is a sign of Luxury but early in order to get that 55 inch TV you need to pay some premium price but not now,

Today with so many brands entering the television market and in order to capture the market they have slashed the price.

So now you can get the best 55 inch TV under every budget from Rs.30,000 to up to even 1 lakh.

I have made this list keeping in mind the best 55 inch TV in every different price point starting from 30K to more than 1 lakh so that you can find the best TV under your budget.

Best 55 inch TV in India

1) OnePlus 55 inch Q1 TV – Best 55 inch TV in India

oneplus 55 inch tv review

After months of teasing Oneplus has finally launched Its Q1 tv series the Q1 and the Q1 PRO.

If you want to know the difference between the Oneplus Q1 and the Q1 PRO then make sure to read over OnePlus TV 55 Q1 Vs Q1 Pro Comparison.

Oneplus Q1 looks quite sleek the front bezels are pretty minimal.

The back of the TV has a carbon fibre like finish.

Picture & Audio Quality

Here in the Oneplus Q1 you will get a 4K QLED panel which looks impressive and will watching some 4K content in this TV you will notice that the colours look bright and vibrant.

I can definitely say that this is one of the best 4K panel that you will come across.

The QLED panel on this TV is great and it’s got HDR 10 and Dolby Vision.

Now HDR 10 is free so that what you see in most of the TV but Dolby vision requires a licensing fee to be paid if you want to get Dolby vision.

It’s nice to see that Oneplus has paid that and their TVs have support for that too.

Oneplus even provides a lot of setting option which you can play around and customize setting according to your like.

You even get Ultra smooth option here.

Moving from the Picture to the Audio quality.

From better sound experience you will get 4 speakers two of them are bottom-firing and 2 are backfiring of total 50 watts.

For inbuilt TV speakers these 50 watts speakers are pretty loud they also provide humping bass and everything sounds rich and clear.

You can also use Oneplus Q1 as a Bluetooth speaker which means you can even connect your phone with this TV just to play music.

To be honest Oneplus has exceeded all expectations on there first attempt to make a TV.

The sound and display they are really good and adding Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos together will make your viewing experience more impressive.

Smart Feature

This is an Android TV and based on Android Pie and Oneplus has also added there own software which they call Oxygen Play.

It is an interface which integrates content from a few streaming platforms and then arranged them into different categories like movies, TV shows etc.

One plus has also launched an App called Oneplus connect which let you do tons of things like taking screenshots on TV and even let you use your phone as a remote.

There is also Chromecast builtin with this TV here.

Now a feature which I really like about this TV is the smart volume control which will automatically turn down the volume of Q1 when you get a call and bring back the volume up when the call is cut.

The remote of this TV looks futuristic and it is rechargeable which means you don’t need separately by batteries ever again.

The TV has 2GB of ram and 8GB of storage which for a TV is pretty good.

Since this is an Android TV you will get a wide range of app and games in the play store.

The Oneplus Q1 is the Best 55 inch Android TV in India.


You get a wide range of ports with this TV such as:

  • AV output
  • Optical port
  • Ethernet
  • 4 HDMI port
  • 2 USB ports
  • R/F antenna
  • 4K QLED panel

  • Four 50 watts speakers

  • Android TV

  • Premium Design

  • There is no tabletop stand provided with this TV.

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2) Kodak 55 inches 4K TV- Best 55 inch TV Under Rs.30,000

Best 55 inch TV Under Rs.30,000

If you are thinking of buying a 55 inches Smart TV and only have a budget of Rs.30,000 then this Kodak 55 Inch 4K Smart TV is worth checking.

Build & Design

Traditionally we’ve seen that budget TVs have compromised on the build and design of keeping TVs a little thicker.

Of course, we know about that Xiaomi slim TV but that’s again at 50 to 55 thousand rupees it’s nowhere close to thirty thousand rupee price point.

But here the TV is thick it’s traditional it’s fine it’s what you would expect from a TV at this price point however there are a few good things and a bad thing.

The feet of the TV especially if you are going to tabletop this TV is nice they’re strong they have this carbon black colour they feel like metal they feel really sturdy and they hold the TV high enough that you can actually place a soundbar or a gaming console your set-top box and any other things.

So that’s a really good thing a lot of TVs I have seen or give you a little less height which makes you put it in front of your entertainment centre a problem but this TV gives you a good amount of height that’s nice.

Having said that the build quality does feel cheap at certain places.


Speaking of the connectivity options this is another area where I am pretty happy with the TV it’s got:

  • 3 HDMI port
  • 2 USB ports
  • 2 AV inputs
  • Ethernet port
  • 3.5 mm audio jack

So when it comes to connectivity options as well this TV comes with a lot of options.

Now when it comes to the performance this is where the TV actually takes a big hit now.

You have the ability to not only control HDMI 2.0 functionality which is needed for 4k HDR content you can manually switch it back to HDMI 1.4 as well which will give you full HD content if you have an external source like a fire TV stick 4k or an Xbox one X

However, you also have the ability to control the HDR ability so if you are let’s say in HDMI 2.0 settings you can also go back and switch HDR on and off.

If you’re going to watch content from your Tata Sky set-top box you should be fine I didn’t face any problems most of the content is either standard definition (SD) high-definition or full HD and all of that content quality of content should be fine for you.

Operating system

Coming to the Operating system it’s running on Android (5.1.1) and just like the 50-inch version of this tv it has 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage.

The operating system looks nice and it is easy to operate.

Sound quality

This TV comes with a DTS sound system and 20 watts speakers which will be ok for you if you want to place the TV in the hall or your room.

But in order to get the full audio experience, you may need to buy an audio system.

  • Affordable price

  • Value for money

  • Good picture quality

  • Smart TV

  • Build quality could have been more better.

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3) Vu 55 inch 4K Cinema Smart TV – Best 55 Inch Smart TV

There are so many TV Brands in India that offer a 55 inches TV under Rs.40,000.

So as you know there are 2 things that you should look out for before buying any TV and that is the Display and the audio quality.

VU Cinema TV comes with 2 table stand which is made of metal compared to other brands that give you a plastic stand this TV also comes with a wall-mount kit which is missing in most of the other TVs.

Also the remote of this VU Cinema TV looks great and comes with all the buttons that you can ask for including Google voice assistance.

This TV also has Bluetooth so you can also connect your wireless headphone to this TV and this feature will come handy if you want to watch TV while others are sleeping in your house.

Ports selection

  • 3 HDMI ports
  • 2 USB ports
  • Cable TV port
  • Digital port
  • Ethernet jack
  • Headphone jack

Picture Quality

So the features of this TV and the ports selection on this TV is similar to any other TV in this price segment but the area in which this TV stands out from other TVs is the Picture Quality on this TV.

This VU Cinema TV 4K Ultra HD display with the resolution of 3840×2160.

The bezels on this TV are also quite thin.

But the thin bezel is not the only good thing about this TV, VU Cinema TV also supports Dolby Vision in case you don’t know Dolby Vision is better than HDR 10 which you get with the Mi TV 4X.

Dolby vision is mostly supported on premium.

Vu Cinema TV uses Pixelium Brightness Technology which can give you brightness up to 500 nits.

Audio Quality

Now coming to the Audio quality of this Vu Cinema TV has 40 watts Front Soundbar which is Loud.

It also supports Dolby Digital but in order to get an amazing sound experience of Dolby Digital, you need the content which is recorded in Dolby Digital.

The soundbar on this TV is great and definitely adds on the looks of this TV.

Software & Performance

Now coming down to the software and performance of this VU Cinema TV it runs on the latest Android 9.0.

VU Cinema TV comes with tons of preloaded apps such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar and YouTube.

This Android TV also supports Chromecast so now you can directly stream content to your TV from your phone.

You will also get Google Play Store and web browser to browse the internet directly from this TV.

Now the only place where you can say that the Mi TV 4x is better than the VU Cinema TV is the RAM as the VU Cinema TV only has 1.5GB of RAM compared to 2GB of RAM in the Mi TV 4x.

But you would not notice any lag or frame drop on this TV when you are playing games.

The storage on this TV is of 8GB.

  • 4k Ultra HD display

  • Suppports Dolby Digital and Dolby Audio

  • Thin bezels

  • Metallic wall mount

  • Only 1.5GB of RAM

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4) Mi TV 4x 55 Inch – Best 55 Inch Smart TV under Rs.40,000

Xiaomi has consistently stayed at the number 1 position when it comes to televisions simply because their televisions are valued for money but they also present higher-end features that you typically see on other flagship televisions.

Mi TV 4x weight in as 12.7 KGs without the stand if you want to wall-mount it and 13kgs.

So keep this in mind if you are thinking of placing this TV on a table.

Also, keep in mind that if you want to wall mount this TV then you have to pay extra for the wall mount kit as Xiaomi don’t give wall Mount kit with the TV.

I have also reviewed Mi TV 4x 50 inches and 65 inches variant so do check them out if you want to buy them.


This TV comes with a 54.6 inch display diagonally which has a 4K 3840×2160 resolution.

The refresh rate on this screen is 60 HZ and has a vertical and horizontal viewing angle of 178°.

Which means that no matter from which angle you are watching this TV the visibility you will get would be perfect.

As mention earlier the display on this TV is a 4K display which has HDR and it is a 10 bit panel.

So you will get really good dept and vivid picture quality and watching 4K content on this TV would be a truly amazing experience.

But this is a 60hz panel so the refresh rate of this TV is a little slower and you will not get any motion smoothing with this TV.

Sound quality

Mi TV 4x comes with new speaker setup and you will get 2 speakers of 10 watts.

So you will get a total of 20 watts speakers.

While listing to the audio of this TV you will notice that the sound of this TV is impressive.

This TV will offer you a good amount of bass and loud audio as this TV support Dolby audio and DTS HD.

Which does improve the sound quality and if the content that you are watching is Dolby certified then the experience that you will get with this TV would be truly amazing.

Smart Features

This is an Android certified smart TV which can run on both Android and Xiaomi own Patchwall OS.

This TV does have the Latest Amlogic Cortex A53 processor and Mali 45MP GPU.

You will have 2GB of RAM with the television and only 8GB of storage.

Which makes the response rate of this TV is very fast.

Netflix, Prime Videos, Disney + Hotstar and others are also supported in the Mi 4x.

Data saver mode is also given on this TV which is something worth knowing if you don’t have Wifi at your house and would use Hotspot for giving internet connection to this TV.

Port Selection

55 Inch Mi TV 4X have 3HDMI port, 2USB port,1 AV port, 1 Ethernet port, 1 Antena port and last but not the least 1 S/PDIF port.

Final verdict

Now if you are in the market looking for a 55 inch TV and have a budget of under 40,000 then the 55 inch Mi TV 4X would be a good option for you.

  • Good Picture and Audio quality

  • Amazing design

  • Patchwall interface

  • 60hz refersh rate

  • Not ment for gaming

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5) TCL 55 inch AI 4K TV 55P8 Best Budget 55 inch TV in India

This TCL 55P8 is the best selling TV by TCL.

That’s mainly because of its affordable price as compare to other smart Android TVs which are 4k in nature which are available at a much higher price.

Build Quality and Design

So let’s start with the design and build quality of this TV.

The main highlight of this TV in terms of design is this metal frame and it has very narrow bezel the TV looks very beautiful.

Due to this metal construction, it looks great and adds to the overall beauty of your dining room or any other room where you place your TV.

In terms of picture quality and the mean two features of the mean highlights of this TV:

  1. 4K UHD TV which comes with HDR pro.
  2. This is a smart Android TV

You can run games you can run Google Play Store applications you can download any kind of Play Store or the Android applications on this TV and take advantage of that.

This is a Google Android certified smart TV.

One small drawback that we find in the other TVs which had Android TV or Android based operating systems was that there was no Google Play support.

They had their cool Play Store you have to download the applications provided in those but in this TV you can easily use the GooglePlay services and download applications from millions of apps available on Google Play Store.

Operating system

To run these applications seamlessly company has provided a quad-core processor in this system.

Along with that, you get 2.5 GB RAM on the device and 16 GB storage so you get emperor of storage and emperor of RAM to run day-to-day applications which you might want to run on a TV-like YouTube and etc.


Netflix is supported on this TV.

You can even use the dedicated remote to launch these applications and take complete advantage of Netflix experience on the TV which is a great thing.

You also do have some other interesting applications as shown on your display.

You can download more applications more video music audio or game applications from the Play Store.

Considering that company has given you two remote options you get a standard remote and you also have a secondary remote which has air mouse remote control.

So you can use it as a mouse to navigate through the interface.

Another interesting thing about the TV is the integration of Google Play applications as we mentioned so you can download thousands and thousands of games available on the Play Store.

But now you must be considering how to play those games so you can link your Bluetooth controller with the TV and enjoy those games seamlessly as it a great experience you can play tons of games and now that too on a big 55 inch 4k display how cool is that.

Besides the fact that it has inbuilt Google Play Store available, you do have pre-loaded applications like YouTube, Quick Flicks, Kodi and etc available on the TV.

You can take complete advantage of this application and as I are mentioning again and again this is a smart Android TV.

So you can have all the smart applications and normal applications which are available on this TV.

You also have the inbuilt chromecast support so you can cast your screen easily using this particular Smart TV.

Display Quality

Now, what about the picture quality of the TV.

The offers you great immersive viewing experience and the colour reproduction is great.

It has great brightness level and this is clearly one of the Best 4K TV that we have seen in the market.

I don’t have any complaints as far as for the colour reproduction of the image viewing experience is considered.

On this TV you have ample of options to adjust the image quality according to your needs and preferences depending upon your moods whether you are watching a movie whether you are playing games you have all the options in the TV and you can take complete advantage of this Smart TV to get the best 4K viewing experience you can find in the market.

Sound Quality

In terms of audio experience, you get the DTS premium sound experience on this TV.

The speaker quality is really good it is loud enough we didn’t find any need to buy a separate soundbar or separate home theatre system with this TV.

You can do that to get a much much more enhanced experience but without those, you still get a great audio experience on this TV.


In terms of connectivity features, you have all the mean or connectivity features:

  • 1 USB 2.0 port
  • 1 USB 3.0 port
  • 4 HDMI port ( So you can connect your PlayStation you can connect your TV and you can even connect one more HDMI device if you want to with this TV.
  • 1 VGA Port to connect laptops

So summing it up this is a smart 4k AndroidTV it offers you a great Android features and smart features at the same time.

  • Great picture quality

  • Good design

  • Amazing sound experience

  • Smart TV

  • After sale service of TCL TV is ok

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6) Nokia 55 inch 4K TV – Best 55 inch TV under Rs.50,000

 Best 55 inch TV under Rs.50,000

After Xiaomi, Oneplus and Realme Nokia has also launched its TV by partnering with Flipkart.

This Nokia TV is only available in the 55 inch variant.

With this TV you will get a power adapter a traditional remote with batteries a wall-mount and a premium looking TV stand.

It is also good to see that the table stand of the Nokia TV is made with metal instead of plastic like in other TVs.

Also the remote of this Nokia TV has all the Key that you will need.


On the back of this TV you will get:

  • 3 HDMI ports
  • 2 USB ports
  • AV ports
  • Ethernet jacks
  • Antenna jack

Display Quality

Nokia TV comes with a 3840 x 2160 4K Ultra HD display and has a brightness of 400 nits.

This Nokia TV has Dolby Vision which requires a paid license.

With Dolby Vision, you are also going to get MEMC feature and Micro Dimming feature which will take your viewing experience to another level.

The display quality of this Nokia TV is way better than the Mi TV 4X but keep in mind that the Mi TV 4X is a little Affordable then this Nokia TV.

Sound Quality

This is one of the first TV in India in which you will get JBL powered speakers which simply means that the sound quality that you will get in this TV would be something truly amazing.

You will get 24 watts speakers which also supports Dolby Atmos and DTS surround sound features.

Software & Performance

Coming down to the software let me tell you that this TV runs on the latest Android 9.0 and you will also get software updates and Android 10 in the future.

You will also get Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar and other OTT platforms with This TV.

Also what I did like about this Nokia TV is the 16GB of storage which you don’t get in the Mi TV 4X and Kodak TV.

Nokia TV comes with 2.25GB of RAM.

So overall when it comes to software the pretty much all the android smart TV are the same.

  • JBL speakers

  • Amazing picture quality

  • MEMC and Micro Diming support

  • 16GB of storage and 2.25GB of RAM

  • Metal Table stand

  • Sometimes TV lags when you connect it to your Hard disk.

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7) LG UK6360 55 inches 4K TV-Best TV Under Rs.60,000

LG 55 inch UK6360 TV is one of the best selling TV by LG and that’s mainly because it has an amazing display and sound quality, LGs magic remote which let me tell you is the best remote that you are going to get on any television.

LG UK6360 has adjustable Wall mount due to which you can move your TV in any direction which is going to be useful as the ports option on every TV is at the back of the TV.

So you won’t find any hazel while connecting the ports or if you want to clean the wall behind the TV.

This TV has a Quad-core processor and this TV runs on WebOS.

LG UK6360 comes with 1.5GB of RAM and 4GB of storage.

You will get 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, Bluetooth for connecting your Soundbar and Analog Audio Input in this TV.


LG magic remote

The remote of this TV is very heavy you can put 2 AA batteries in it.

You will also get dedicated buttons to Netflix and Prime Videos.

This remote also has a scroller which would come in handy if you want to scroll from one tab to another or if you want to use the web browser in TV.

The remote also has a mic button which means you can also control this TV with your voice and the voice recognition on this TV works great.

Now let me tell you the best feature about this remote which is that you can also control your set top box with this TV by configuring your set top box with the remote.

This magic remote by LG is a Bluetooth enable remote which means you don’t need to point your remote to the TV.

Display Quality & Sound quality

As this is a TV by LG I don’t think I need to talk or tell you anything about the Display Quality of this TV.

LG is known for there display panels which gives you an impressive and real looking picture quality and this LG UK6360 is no different.

This TV has a 4K IPS panel which will provide you with amazing viewing angles.

No matter what type of content that you are watching in this TV whether it be HD or non HD they both looks great on this TV which you don’t get to see on budget TVs.

But the refresh rate of this TV is the only 50hz which I think is pretty low and I wouldn’t recommend this TV if you are going to do gaming on this TV.

Now coming to the sound quality of this TV comes has two 10 watts speakers which support Dolby Digital Decoder and DTS Virtual surround sound technology.

You also get different sound mode with this TV which you can tune in while you are watching different types of content such as:

  • Standard
  • Cinema
  • Clear Voice III
  • Cricket
  • Music
  • Game
  • LG magic remote

  • Great picture and sound quality

  • WebOS

  • Only 1.5GB of RAM and 4GB of storage

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8) Sony Bravia 55 inch 4K TV 55X7500H – Best Sony 55 inch TV

The design of this Sony X7500 is similar to any other Sony TVs.

Sony X7500H is built with the combination of both metal and plastic.

The remote on this TV is a smart remote which has an inbuilt mic in it and also come with hotkeys like Netflix etc.


SONY X7500 comes with a wide range of ports selection and you get:

  • 3 HDMI port
  • 2 USB port
  • 3.5mm jack
  • Optical audio output
  • LAN Port

Display & Sound Quality

This sony X7500H comes with a massive 55 inch 4K tri luminous display.

This TV has a Sony X1 4K processor which can enhance the quality of the picture you are viewing and give you better viewing experience.

When it comes to panels then there is no other brand that can make display panels like Sony.

Viewing 4K content on Netflix, Prive Video and YouTube on this TV would be a wonderful experience for you.

Sony X7500H has 20 watts Bass reflect speakers.

Which give good sound production and vocals.

Sony X7500H will give you a very pleasing sound experience but if you want you can also attach Soundbar or home theatre for a better experience.


Gaming on this TV is also an amazing experience you can easily connect your PS4 or Xbox and play games.

You can even download games from the Google Play Store and play on this TV.

You can even connect your Bluetooth headset with this TV via Bluetooth so that you can watch TV without disturbing someone else.

Sony X7500H has 16GB of storage and 2GB of RAM.

  • X1 4K Processor

  • 4K tri luminous display

  • Clear Audio

  • Sony smart remote

  • premium price

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9) MarQ 55 inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV 55HSUHD

This MarQ by Flipkart TV is a good option for you if you are on a budget and the Kodak 55 inches 4K TV is not available due to any reason.

MarQ 55HSUHD supports DTS surround sound, 4K Ulta HD and HDR.

The build quality of this TV is also great the bezels on this TV are quite slim.

Nokia TV remote

Even the built quality of the remote is amazing, the table stands and the back of MarQ 55HSUHD also feel like they are made with high-quality material.

Display Quality

This TV has really impressed me when it comes to picture quality.

That’s mainly because this Marq 55HSUHD has A+ Grade Panel 4K Ultra HD display.

Marq 55HSUHD has a refresh rate of 60Hz, aspect ratio of 16:09 and has a viewing angle of 176 Degree.

The brightness of this TV can go up to 350 nits.

For better viewing experience Marq has 5 modes to cater to every type of content that you are viewing such as User, Cinema, Sport, Vivid, Hi-bright and Picture Noise Reduction.

Audio Quality

Just like display the audio quality of this TV is also very impressive.

With this TV you will get 2 speakers of 20 watts which supports Dolby Digital with Tru-Surround Sound.

For the price of this TV, you can say that both the display and the sound quality of this TV is great and no doubt this a good value of money TV.

Smart feature

This TV has a Quad-core processor with a RAM of 2.5GB and the storage of 16GB.

It runs on Android so you will get Google play store with this TV so that you can download thousand of games and app from play store which will keep you entertained forever.

Now the only reason that I am saying that you should go for this TV when the Kodak 55 inches 4K TV is not available is because this TV does not support Netflix or amazon prime app.

Personally, I would never buy a TV which doesn’t support Netflix or Amazon Prime Video but there are still many people who would never use this app and only they can go for this TV.

However, this TV does support YouTube and Disney+Hotstar.

This TV also supports Screen Mirroring so you can easily cast the content that you are watching on your smartphone to Marq 55HSUHD.

Marq 55HSUHD also supports Google Voice Assistance so now you can control your TV with your voice without even pressing any buttons.


You will get 3 HDMI ports in this TV, 2 USB ports, 1 Digital Audio Output, RF Connectivity Input etc.

  • Amazing picture quality

  • Loud and clear sound quality

  • Premium build quality

  • Android TV

  • Doesn’t support Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

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Things to consider for the Best 55 Inch Smart TVs in India

There are various things that you should check before buying a 55 inch TV like does the TV that you are thinking of buying supports Dolby vision or not? How is the after-sale service of that brand which type of display panel does that TV has? you may also be wondering what is 4K display? or why there is no Non-Smart TV on my list and I will be answering all this question below.

Let’s start with the Display then we will talk about the audio.

4K Displays

4K is a TV resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and that is 4000 horizontal pixels approximately and 2000 vertical pixels a TV will have 4 times more the resolution on HD TV which have the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Earlier 4K used to be a new and premium technology but that’s not the case now you can even buy a 55 inch 4K TV under Rs.30,000 like this Kodak 55 Inch 4K Smart TV.

Now any TV that’s larger then 50 inches it’s probably gonna be a 4K TV.

Now you can watch 4K content on your TV on Netflix or Prime Video but keep in mind that in order to watch that 4K content you will need much faster internet.


HDR or also known as High Dynamic Range is a little bit hard to explain as in each pixel there are 4 times more pixels than 4K. HDR can represent colours in more realistic way.

Watch this video to know how HDR works.

Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision works same like HDR but the difference here is unlike HDR that work on 10-bit colours Dolby Vision works on 12 bits colour range which can truly change the way you watch TVs.

The brightness level on HDR 10+ is 4,000 nits but in Dolby vision, the brightness can go up to 10,000 nits which is amazing.

Right now Dolby Vision is only supported in premium TVs and that’s mainly because as this Technology is invited by Dolby other brands have to pay license fees to use this technology.

Refresh rate

Refresh rate means how many times your TV screen can refresh the video which is playing.

The higher the refresh rate of the television is the smoother will be your experience.

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos can transport you from getting an ordinary experience to extraordinary sound experience.

Dolby Atmos can captivate multi-dimensional sound and you give you a full 360° sound experience so if you have a home theater at your house then you should look for a TV that supports Dolby Atmos.

Dolby Digital

Dolby digital is a sound importing and sound compression technology which is as you would have guessed was started by Dolby.

Dolby digital can compress the size of the audio in such a way that only the audio file size is reduced but the quality of that audio will remain the same.

What Operating system does your TV have?

Android TV as the name suggests runs on Google Android operating system many budget brands launches there TVs that run on Android OS were else Brands like LG, Samsung or Sony have developed there own Operating Systems.


You should definitely check how many years of warranty does the brand is giving you.

Usually, every TV comes with a 1-year warranty but some manufacturers can even give you 5 years warranty on the display panel.


I know buying a 55 inch TV is a hard decision so I hope this list has helped you in finding the best 55 inch TV for you.

But still, if you have any doubts then feel free to ask me in the comment section and I will be more than happy to help you.