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10 Best 43 inch Smart TV in India (2021)

In 43 inch TV segment, you will get both TVs that support 4K and Full HD. There are no other size segments in which you get this type of variety and brands. Every single brand rather it is premium brands like Sony, LG, or Samsung or budget brands like VU, MI, Onida, TCL, and Kodak they all have a TV which is available in a 43-inch size so keep reading this article to find the best 43 inch smart tv.

With so many brands giving you different options, it is evident that you can get confused, but don’t you worry. We are here to solve this problem and help you choose the best 43 inch smart tv. We have ranked this TV based on their Picture Quality, Built Quality, Value for money, and after-sales service of the brand.

Best 43 inch Smart LED TVs

1) Samsung 43 inch TU8570 Best 43 inch smart tv

Samsung TU8570 comes with some exciting specifications, like it has a VA panel means the contrast ratio of this TV is going to be superb, and the colors also appear rich in this TV.

The backlight technology used in this Samsung TU8570 is Edge LED. The standard refresh rate of this TV is 60Hz. You know the display quality will be good when a TV supports HDR, HDR 10+, and HGL. The sound output of this TV is 20 watts and also supports Dolby Digital Plus.

This TV has almost bezels less display from three sides; however, bezels are visible when you see this TV from the front, but still, this TV does look very classy and elegant. You have to give Samsung some credit as they have worked hard on improving the design of this TV.

Even the stand of this TV looks great and is different and further improve the design of this TV.

Display & Audio Quality

Samsung TU8570 has a 4K Ultra HD display which has a resolution of 3840×2160 and the refresh rate of 60Hz. Samsung TU8570 has Dynamic Crystal Engine. This is a superior technology that you only get to see in Samsung QLED TVs. TU8570 has 8bits+ FRC panel giving you white colour gamut which can produce 1 billion colours. This TV comes with a peak brightness of 450 nits and the contrast ratio of 6500:1 so overall the brightness and contrast ratio of this TV is good.

The main reason behind such an excellent level of brightness and contrast ratio is Dual LED backlighting. In Dual LED backlighting the LEDs that are behind the panel emits two colours cold white and warm white, which increase the contrast ratio and brightness of the TV giving you lifelike colours.

Dynamic Crystal Engine and Dual LED backlighting is the only reason why this TV has a PQI “Piture Quality Index” of 2800. Samsung uses PQI to give ratings to its TV on the base of there Picture Quality by considering various factors such as colours, Sharpness and contrast.

With the PQI of 2800 Samsung TU8570 is 33% more when you compare it to other Samsung TVs. The colours and brightness of this TV are superior compare to other TVs. So overall, in terms of picture quality, Samsung TU8570 is on another level!!!

Now coming to the audio quality of this TV as mention above this TV has 20 watts, speakers. Audio Digital Plus technology will help you get a more surround sound experience. The 20 watts speakers on this TV will give you loud and clear sound.


Samsung TU8570 has:

  • 3 HDMI ports
  • 2 USB ports
  • AV composition
  • RF input
  • Optical Audio Output
  • CI slot

Smart Features

Samsung TU8570 runs on Tizen Operating System and comes with all popular Apps. However, the disadvantage of Tizen OS is you cannot sideload apps on this TV. Bixby, Google Assistance, Apple airplay 2 and Alexa are all supported in this TV. Tizen OS is very user-friendly and easy to use.

You can easily download all popular OTT platform such as Netflix, Hotstar, ZEE5, Amazon Prime and Yupp tv from the Tizen Store. Samsung TU8570 will give you a smooth experience with no glitch or lags. This TV has a universal remote, so you don’t need two separate remotes one to control your set-top box and one for your TV. This TV has a one year warranty and an additional one year on the panel.

  • 4K Ultra HD Display
  • Tizen OS

  • Dynamic Crystal Engine

  • Dual LED backlighting

  • Slim bezels

  • Cannot sideload apps

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2) Sony X7500H 43 inch TV – Best Picture Quality in 43 Inch Size


The design of this TV is simple, but still, the build quality of this TV is very high. Bezels on Sony X7500H are slim from three sides, the table stand of this TV comes in V-shaped. The placement of the tabletop stands on this TV is done so nicely that if you want to place this TV on top of a small table.

On the backside of Sony X7500H, the upper part of this TV is made up of metal, and the bottom portion of this TV is made up of high-grade plastic. Remote of this TV is voice-enabled, and you do get the hotkeys to Netflix and Youtube.


You will get 3 HDMI ports out of which 1 is HDMI ARC, and 1 is HDMI CEC, 2 USB ports, Ethernet port, Digital Audio output, AV port, antenna port and composite Input port.

Display quality

Sony X7500H has a 4K Ultra HD display with the refresh rate of 50Hz.

This TV only has a refresh rate of 50Hz, but the motion flow technology in Sony X7500H does a great job by effectively controls the motion blur, which makes fast action scenes look smooth. HDR 10 and HLG is also supported in this TV, but HDR10+ is missing which you do get in Samsung TU8570.

4K performance of this TV is excellent, and even Blu-ray and full HD videos on Sony X7500H looks like 4K. Sony uses its Triluminos technology which plays a significant role in colour enhancement by reproducing more colours and giving you vivid and natural colours. The contrast ratio of this TV if great blacks are deep. Due to the high contrast ratio, the colour volume is amazing.

Colours on this TV appears a little warmer, but you can always change the colours from the setting options according to your need. This TV uses a VA panel which means colour and viewing experience on this TV would be great bu however viewing angle of this TV is not great, and colours look a little washed out when you consider this TV from and extreme right or left angles.

However the grey uniformity of this TV is not that good, and Sony X7500H can not display brighter colours that well. The semi-glossy finish on the screen of this TV handle unwanted reflection very well. This all features make this TV the best 43 inch smart tv when it comes to picture quality.

Sony X7500H does a perfect job on upscaling SD channels all thanks to it’s 4K X Reality pro chip so even if you have an SD set-top box SD channel on this TV looks excellent. You also use this TV as a monitor.

This TV has two full-range bass reflect speakers of 20 watts that supports Dolby Digital, and DTS X. Sound of this TV is loud and clear with a bass punch. The audio of this TV should be sufficient for everyday usage.

Smart Features

This is an Android Smart TV. Which has 16GB internal storage but out of that you will get only 12GB free. Netflix, YouTube, Prime Videos and Hotstar come pre-loaded with this TV, but you can also download other apps from Google Play Store. Sony X7500H uses X1 4K HDR processor.

With built-in Chromecast, casting videos on this TV from your smartphone is smooth. You will also get AirPlay for Apple users. Sony X Protection pro protects your TV from Dust, Lightning, Voltage fluctuations and Humidity.

  • Good picture and Audio Quality
  • Motion flow technology

  • High built quality

  • High contrast ratio

  • Low brightness

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3) Hisense 43 Inch A71F TV

Both the Samsung TU750 and SonyX7500H are excellent TVs, but they come with a hefty price point, and I know not everyone can afford those TVs.So if you are on a budget or don’t want to spend more then Rs.50,000 on a TV then this Hisense 43 A71F TV can be a good option for you.

The Hisense 43 A71F has a 43 inch 4K panels.

If you don’t know about Hisense, then they have just entered the Indian market, but Hisense is quite established around the world. Do you know that Hisense was the one brand to launch world-first 8K TVs?

This Hisense 43 inch A71F comes with specifications which are too good to be true.

Design and Installation of the TV

This Hisense TV has thin bezels which overall increase the looks and design of this TV. Installation of this TV is easy, and Hisense will send you a guy who will do the installation for you.

Wall mount kit and tabletop stand are included in the box which is good as you won’t need to buy wall mount kit separately like with some other brands. Set up of this TV is very easy.

Port & Button

The physical button which you can use to power on/off the Television is under the TV. Ports on this TV is easily accessible as they are situated on the left-hand side of this TV.

  • 3 USB port
  • 3 HDMI port
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Antenna port
  • Ethernet jack
  • RGB component ports
  • Optical Audio Output


The bigger size of this remote fits in hand better. The remote of this TV comes with all the buttons that you can ask for including the mute button, which you don’t get to see in remotes nowadays.

You will get dedicated buttons not only for Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos but also for google Play store, Disney+ Hotstar and YouTube.

There is also a dedicated button for switching Inputs which can be extremely useful sometimes. Remote of Hisense 43 inch A71F also has a button to turn off the display of this TV which can be extremely useful if you want to turn off the display while listening to songs or even podcasts.

Remote of this TV comes with a mic from which you can access Google Voice Assistance which works perfect and can even understand the Indian accent easily.

Display & Audio Quality

The 4K Ultra HD display which has a maximum resolution of 3840×2160 and the refresh rate of 60Hz make this TV the best budget 43 inch TV in India. Hisense A71F also supports HDR, HDR 10+, HLG decoding and Dolby Vision which is only supported in very few 43 inch TVs.

Content in 1080p is also going to look nice on Hisense A71F TV As you right now there is not much content which is available in 4K. The contrast ratio of this TV is excellent and viewing angle of this TV is perfect, and you are not going to see any colour or contrast shite if you watch this TV from a different angle.

Hisense A71F TV also has a UHD upscaling, noise reduction and smooth motion option for sport’s features which enhances the picture quality giving you a better viewing experience like you get while watching content in premium TV.

If you are looking for a 43 inch TV to play console games such as on Playstation or Xbox, then this TV can be a great option for you. This TV has a game mode which can take the gaming performance of this TV on another level.

Coming to the sound quality of this TV you will get two 12 watts speakers which are extremely loud. Dolby Atmos is also supported in this TV which works well and boosts the sound when you enable it.

Another feature that I liked about this TV is, you have noticed that sometimes when you are streaming content online, there can be some audio-video delay. Still, with the help of the audio delay adjustment feature, you can sync them quickly, which could be extremely helpful.

Smart Features

Hisense 43 inch A71F comes with Android 9.0 operating system. Android TV interface works well on this TV with no lags. With Android TV comes all Google play store from where you can download apps and games.

The TV also has Chromecast built-in, which will help you cast content online and phone mirroring will help mirror videos and photos directly from your phone to this TV. You can also install a web browser to browse the internet.

You will get 2GB of RAM and which is good to have and 16GB of storage. Mali 470MP GPU will also allow you to play 2D games like Asphalt 8 very well. Warranty of this TV is one year.

That why the Hisense 43 Inch A71F TV is the best 43 inch smart tv if you are on a budget.

  • 4K Ultra HD display.
  • Amazing Sound quality

  • 1 year warranty

  • High build quality

  • Premium looking design

  • As Hisense is a new brand in India and currently they only have very few service centre in India

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4) Motorola Revou 43 inch 4K TV

This Motorola Revou is a newly launched TV which comes with some really special features. This TV by Motorola is the first TV in India which runs on an Android 10 operating system and has one of the most advanced chip sets that you can get on any TV MediaTek Chipset.

You can only buy this Motorola Revon TV online on Flipkart. The remote that you get with this TV is very stylish and looks premium. The remote of this TV comes with 4 dedicated buttons to some of the most popular and used apps on a smart TV such as ZEE5, Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Store.

The wall mount kit, table stand, warranty card are all included in the box. The design of the table stand of this TV is unique in design also this stand has a metal finish. Bezels on this TV are slim which gives this TV an elegant look.

This TV is built with metal which makes the build quality of this TV solid. Ports on this TV are placed on the backside.

The picture quality of this TV is a great black color on this TV appears deep. Motorola Revon TV uses an ADS Panel which is kind of similar compare to an IPS panel but the contrast ratio and brightness of the ADS panel are much higher than the standard IPS panel.

This TV has smart contrast dimming which automatically dimes the contrast so that you get much deep black compared to other TVs. Dolby Vision and HDR 10 on this TV help give you a cinematic looking picture quality by adjusting and optimizing the brightness and contrast giving you realistic picture viewing experience.

Just like the MEMC technology which you get on premium flagship TVs this TV has motion blur technology which makes fast moving scenes viewable without and blur.

Motorola Revon 43 inch TV has dual-tone soundbar speakers which give this TV an attractive look. The speakers of these TVs are of 24W which gives powerful bass. Speakers of this TV support Dolby Atmos and DTS Studio Sound which is amazing.

As this TV is running on Android 9.0 the boot-up time of this TV is 40% faster than the TV that runs on Android 9.0 OS. Also in terms of user experience, this TV is very fast and interactive as it has MediaTek Chipset and Quad-Core G52 graphic engine which is 360% faster than its previous generation. RAM on this TV is 2GB and the storage is 32GB.

  • Android 10
  • Affordable price

  • Amazing picture Quality

  • Support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos

  • Speakers on this TV are of 24 watts

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5) Onida 43 Inch Fire Edition TVBest 43 inch Full HD TV


Onida 42 inch Fire TV edition comes with thin black bezels, and at the bottom, you will see Onida branding. This TV is made up of plastic and looks nice, even the plastic used in the back of the TV is of high quality.

Speakers are placed on the bottom of this TV. This TV also has with D-pad button, which will be very useful if your remote went missing.

Most of the ports are situated on the left side of this TV, while some are situated on the TV’s backside. AV composite, Ethernet, and antenna ports are placed on the TV’s back will be hard to access if the TV is wall mounted. Simultaneously, ports like 3.5 headphones jack, Optical port, 3 HDMI ports, and only one USB port are situated on the left side.

Display Quality

What if you don’t want a 4K TV? As we all know that right now, there isn’t much content available in 4K. If you want a 43 inch Full HD TV, then this Onida Fire edition TV can be a great option for you.

This TV has a Full HD IPS display, which has 1920×1080 resolution. Onida TV has an IPS panel which has wide viewing angles of 178°. Videos on this TV play smoothly as the refresh rate of the 43-inch Ondia TV is 60Hz.

4K videos in this TV run on 1080p, which is obvious as it has a Full HD display and not a 4K display. The black color in this TV appears a little dull, which is understandable as this TV has an IPS panel and not a VA panel, but the overall color reproduction of this TV is good.

In the picture settings option, you can change various things like the brightness, backlight, and contrast ratio, and other thing depending upon your like. HD channels and SD channel works perfectly fine on this TV but if you want to make the maximum use of this TV, make sure you have an HD set-top box. Even videos on Netflix, Prime videos works extremely fine. So overall the display of this TV is quite good.

Audio Quality

This device comes with two speakers that can produce 16 watts of sound output. Onida TV supports Dolby Audio. The speakers on this TV sound great and can get loud.


This Onida TV comes with tons of accessories like a wall mount kit, user guide, remote with batteries, power cord, two plastic stands the quality and design of these stands are pretty standard. The stands have rubber at the base so the TV can get a good grip when you placed it on a table, some screws for wall mounting and table stands, and a warranty card.

Smart Features

The fire TV Operating System works smoothly and is responsive with no lags. Games and other OTT platforms work fine in this TV, thanks to the 1GB RAM and 4GB Storage. You will get the Voice button on the remote, which you can use to operate this TV by voice.


If you have ever used a fire TV stick, then you can easily notice that the remote that you get in this Onida TV is similar to the Fire TV stick remote.

You will be getting some dedicate buttons to quickly access some apps such as Prime Videos, ZEE5, Netflix , SonyLIV and a button to go to your settop box.

  • Full HD display
  • Fire TV OS

  • High Build Quality

  • Great design

  • Only 1 USB port

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6) Sony Bravia 43 inch W6600

This Sony Bravia W6600 is a newly launched TV by Sony which comes at an aggressive price. Tabletop stands, warranty manual, power cable, adapter, remote with batteries are all the accessories that come with this TV.

Build Quality and Design

As this is a Sony TV, you can be assured that the build quality TV is great and made with high-quality plastic. This TV stand is made of metal, which you don’t usually see on other TVs, so that’s good news. Like all Sony TVs, this TV also comes with an X protection Pro feature, which will protect your tv from voltage fluctuations, dust, humidity, and lighting.

The power on/off button, volume up and down button is situated on this TV’s left side.

All other ports like AV input, LAN port, Power input are placed at the back of this TV, 2 USB ports, HDMI ports, 3.5mm audio jack and antenna in is placed on the right-hand side of this TV.

Display and Audio Quality

Sony Bravia W6600 has a 43 inch full HD display that comes with an X reality pro chipset. This same chip which comes in other Sony TVs like in the Sony X7500H TV series.

You may be wondering what this chip can do?

This chip uses Motionflow XR, which can reduce the blurred image that appears on your TV screen while watching action scenes giving you a smoother experience.

X Reality Pro can also enhance colors, which will give you an immersive viewing experience. The output of this display is 1080p at 60Hz, which supports HDR. Sony Bravia W6600 TV can also be a great TV for you if you want a 43 inch TV in which you can connect console games as this TV is PS4 compatible.

You will get two speakers of 10 watts each with TV this both placed on the right and left-hand sides of this TV. They can produce a total of 20 watts sound output at the bottom of this TV, you will find an open baffle speaker. The sound quality of this TV great and loud Even if you want to place this TV in your hall or a big room I don’t think you would need any external speakers with this TV.

Smart features

This TV runs on a Linux based operating system. Sony Bravia W6600 comes with tons of preloaded applications like YouTube, Netflix, ZEE5, VOOT, ALT Balaji, Prime Videos, etc. You can watch TV shows and movies in all of these apps in 1080p.

Even watching Full HD videos on Youtube is a great experience on this TV.

Talking a little bit more about the most popular apps that you can use on this TV, like Netflix, it runs smoothly on this TV with no lags, but you can find some lags while watching Amazon Prime Videos. Still, I believe that is a software issue and can be fixed with a software update in the future.

You will also get a browser on this TV to browse the internet. You can also open Facebook and Instagram on this TV with the help of the browser.

Sony Bravia W6600 also has media option from which you can open images or watch videos Via connecting a pen drive. Casting feature is also available in this TV to cast youtube videos directly from your phone to your TV.


The remote of the Sony Bravia W6600 is an IR based Remote, but I believe at this price they should have provided a Bluetooth based remote. However, moving forward, this TV’s remote comes with 2 dedicated buttons to Netflix and YouTube.

  • Amazing Picture and Sound Quality
  • X reality pro chip

  • Motionflow technology

  • X protection Pro

  • No Voice control feature available

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7) OnePlus Y Series 43 inch TV

Oneplus has surprised us with the pricing of their Y Series Smart TVs. Oneplus 43Y1 comes with a plastic made tabletop stand and screws, but you have to buy the wall mount kit separately as they don’t come with the box.

Bezels on the Oneplus 43Y1 are slim, and this TV is designed so that if you see this TV from the front, it would look and feel like you are watching a premium TV. The Screen too body ratio of Oneplus 43Y1 is 88%, which is pretty impressive for the price that it comes for. You will get Digital Audio S/PDIF, 2 USB ports, Ethernet jack, RGB port, and 2 HDMI ports.

Display and Audio Quality

This TV has a 43 inch full HD display. Oneplus 43Y1 has a 93% DCI p3 color gamut, and that’s the reason you are going to get a wide range of colors on this TV.

This TV produces deep blacks, and this TV has better picture quality when you compare it with Realme or MI TVs. The contrast and brightness of this TV are good. I would not say it’s perfect, but still good.

Coming to the audio of this TV, you will get two down-firing speakers of 20 watts. These speakers are loud, and there is no doubt about it, but still, I think you should get a soundbar for a better sound experience.

Smart features

Whether It be Oneplus phones or their TVs, Oneplus is known for providing a great and powerful experience to their user’s and the Oneplus 43Y1 is no different.

Oneplus 43Y1 runs on Android TV 9.0, but on top of that, you will get their own interface, which they called Oxygen Play, which is exactly like Xiaomi Patchwall interface.

Oxygen Play, just like Patchwall, shows mixed content from other streaming platforms in a single place, so you don’t need to open different OTT apps. The best thing that I like about Oneplus is that they give us an app which you can download on your phone called the Oneplus connect.

This app can take your TV experience to another level. You can do various things, like taking Screenshots on TV. If you are using Youtube, Netflix, or even Prime Videos typing for the videos or movies and TV show’s name can be frustrating with your remote, but with the Oneplus connect app, you can easily type with the help of your phone keyboard.

Oneplus 43Y1 has 1GB of RAM and 4GB of storage, which makes the response time very fast.


The remote of this Oneplus 43Y1 is completely different from the other remote that you get to see in the Oneplus Q1 or U1 models. The remote looks decent.

The remote comes with an in-built mic on it, which you can use by pressing the Google Voice button. Other than that, it also comes with some hotkeys to Netflix, Prime Videos, and YouTube.

  • Good display with a high contrast ratio
  • Really thin bezels

  • Highly Durability

  • Oneplus Connect app

  • Oxygen Play interface

  • TV takes time to load up
  • Sound quality is ok

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7) TOSHIBA 43 inch Vidaa OS TV

Toshiba is a Japanese brand, and this TV is designed in japan but is MADE IN INDIA!!!!!. The built quality of this TV is top-notch. The bezels on the sides and top of this TV are super thin.


Toshiba 43 inch TV comes with a remote with two batteries, a wall mount kit, table stands, and a user guide. This TV’s stands are made up of high-grade metal with a glossy finish, which is great as you don’t see much tabletop stand made with metal in 43 inch TV segment. This TV comes with a big plastic remote built in mic and some dedicated buttons to Youtube, Prime Videos, and Netflix.


Most of the ports are on the left-hand side of this TV, like Ethernet, Optical output, 2 USB ports, 3 HDMI ports, 3.5 headphone jack, and antenna. The thing that I like about this TV is that only the AV ports are placed at the back of the TV.

Picture and Audio Quality

Toshiba 43 inch TV has a VA panel, which comes with a 4K resolution.

HDR 10, HDR 10+, and HLG are all supported. Peek brightness of this TV is 400 nits. The Colour reproduction of this TV is excellent, and VA panels usually produce deep black, and that the same case here you can see every little detail with the help of this TV.

The viewing angle of this TV is great even if you are sitting diagonally.

One of the major problems that some 4K TV have is they are not good with upscaling SD or even 1080p videos, but this TV by Toshiba is good at upscaling content, all thanks to its 4K Resoultion+ Upscaler.

So, in short, you can say that the VA panel has done a great job when it comes to motion smoothness, sharpness, brightness, and color reproduction.

Speakers of this TV can get really loud while producing crisp audio. The TV is equipped with Dolby Atmos and 24 watts powerful sound speaker, which is capable of making cinematic experiences.

Dialogues are clear and crisp, but this TV’s bass is above average. The sound of this TV is more than enough for built-in TV speakers.

Smart TV Feature’s

This is the first TV that runs on the VIDAA Operating system. VIDAA OS is a Linux-based OS, and that’s why it’s extremely responsive and super smooth with no lag at all. Another major factor why this TV is super fast is it has 1.5GB of ram.

The home page of this OS is clean, and Toshiba claims that you will get updates for this OS in the coming future. You do get the support of Netflix, Prime Videos, and YouTube, which works extremely quickly and fine.

As this is a new OS, some major apps are missing, like Disney+Hotstar, ZEE5, ALT Balaji, and Jio Cinema, but they will be added in the future by an update. This OS is super light, and that’s the main reason this TV only takes 3 seconds to turn on, which some other android TV like Oneplus 43Y1 takes 20 seconds.

Alexa Voice and screen mirroring works perfectly fine, and the best part is that you don’t even need Wi-Fi or any other internet connection for screen mirroring.

  • Ultra Dimming Technology
  • 4K Ultra HD display

  • Thin and premium looking design

  • Fast and responsive OS

  • VIDDA OS dont have some major OTT apps but, they will be added in the future.

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9) Realme 43 inch Full HD TV

This realme TV would be best for those people who want a smart Full HD TV and has a budget of less than Rs.25,000. Remote, screws, a tabletop stand which is made of plastic but keeps remember if you want to wall mount this TV you have to purchase the wall mount kit separately.

Remote of this TV is very simple in design and has two dedicated buttons to YouTube and Netflix.

Bezels on this TV are thin and on the backside of this TV you will get 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, Digital audio output, 3.5mm audio jack, AV in, an Ethernet jack. Realme 43 inch TV has 1GB of Ram and 8GB of storage and has Media Tek Quad Core Processor.

This TV gives stunning picture quality if you compare to the price in which it is available but however viewing angles of this TV is not that great. You can watch movies and TV shows on this TV in Full HD which is in 1920 x 1080p. Speakers on this TV are placed downwards and are 24 watts which are loud and have average bass.

  • Full HD TV
  • Slim and bezelless in design

  • Best option if you are on a tight budget

  • Only 1GB of RAM

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10) Vu 43 inch 4K Android LED TV

VU TVs can produce the same picture quality as Sony TVs and come with much more features, and too affordable. But the problem with VU TVs is that they only have very limited stocks, and most of the time, they’re not even available on any e-commerce platform for purchasing.

Remote with batteries, wall mount, tabletop stands, screws, and user manual guide come with this TV. This TV’sTV’s remote has five dedicated buttons, out of which three are for OTT platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, and prime videos while the other two are for Youtube and Google play store.

The remote VU Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV also has a dedicated button for Google Voice Assistance.

The best thing about VU is to make their TVs look stylish and premium. The company doesn’t compromise on its TV build quality. All the materials used in this TV is of high quality. This TV, just like most of the other TV, comes with a bezel-less design from three sides.

Connectivity options on this VU TV are great and come with all the ports you may be looking for. Ports like HDMI and USB are situated at the side of this TV, but USB ports are situated very close to one another, and accessing both of them together can be a problem. HDMI ARC and HDMI CEC are both available on this TV, making it future proof. AV port, Digital optical output, ethernet port, Headphone jack are all available in this TV.

Display and Audio Quality

The Display of 43 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV has a VA panel. The brightness of this TV can go up to 400 nits. VU Ultra TV has a high Dynamic range, which also supports, HDR 10, Dolby Vision, and HLG.

The TV has a “High quality special optical film” that can control the light coming from the backlight, making viewing this TV wider. While watching this TV from 40°, you will notice that the color distortions are minimal.

The 4K performance you will get in this TV is superb as this TV has an Ultra boost 4x graphic enhancer engine.

Blacks on this TV are deep and not at all look grayish. VU’s 4K TV can give tough competition to brands like Samsung and even Sony when it comes to picture quality. Pictures on this 4K VU TV have amazing clarity, which will help you see every single little detail. 

The company state’s that this TV has pixelium glass technology, which can enhance the brightness level. Colour reproduction on this TV is good, and the refresh rate of this TV is 60Hz. SD and HD videos look perfect because the picture upscaling of this VU Ultra Android TV is effective. I have only seen this level of picture upscaling on the high end and premium TVs.

VU Ultra HD TV has advanced settings that give you more customized options and choose the right colors setting according to your likings.

Now let’s talk about the audio quality of this TV. VU Ultra Android TV has two 30 watts speakers and has a decoder for Dolby Audio DTS Virtual-X Surround Sound, TruBass HDX, and TruSurround X. The bass on this TV is deep. You will get good and clear sound even when the volume is low. You can use this TV even without any soundbar or external speaker.

Smart features

This is an official android smart TV that runs on the Android 9.0 Pie operating system. RAM of this TV is 2GB, and storage is 16GB. The processor used in this TV is 64-bit high-end quad-core processor. VU Ultra HD tv has Bluetooth version 5.0, so you can connect your keyboard, wireless Bluetooth headphones, and GamePad easily.

Built-in Chromecast and screen sharing will help you cast the content on your phone direct to this TV. The voice command feature on this TV is very responsive. You can even connect your gaming console to this TV and enjoy gaming at high resolution with HDR.

  • Good picture and audio quality
  • 2GB RAM

  • Better upscaling

  • Value for money

  • Long booting time

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