Aryan Sharma

Mr TV Guru was founded by Aryan Sharma when he was searching for a TV and during his research, he realized that there are a lot of things that you need to know before buying a TV.

So he started this website which will help other people in India who are searching or thinking of buying a TV and helping them  best and value for money TV for them.

How We Pick the TVs

TVs come in different sizes and in diffierents price points so here we have created a list of all the TV that you are looking for.

Whether you are looking for a 32 inch TV or a 55 inch TV, whether you have a budget of  15,000, 50,000 or 1 lakh rupees.

Each and every TV has to go through a long list of our quality checking guidelines.

Such as:

  • There Display Quality
  • Build quality
  • Screen Size
  • Sound Quality
  • Price
  • After sale service given buy the company
  • If its a smart TV then ( RAM, ROM, Processors, which operating system are they running on, etc.)

Apart from these tests, we make sure that all the washing machines suggested on our website come from trustworthy brands, and you get at least 1 year of warranty with it.

India TV market has become very competitive and almost every month brands are launching a new TVs so thats why. We update our best TV lists frequently, so all the reviews and lists on Mr TV Guru are up to date with the latest models.

From Where Should you Buy TVs?

To save your time and simplify your buying experience, we provide links to the best TVs deals in our buying guides by comparing the prices of each model on the manufacturer’s website and other leading shopping websites such as Amazon or flipkart. You can purchase from our recommended retailer, or you can do your own homework and find the best deal for you.

Contact Us at: aryan@mrtvguru.in